Dianne Abbott......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Egg on Leggs, Oct 6, 2016.

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  1. ....the new Shadow Home Secretary. Oh the horror.
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  2. Youse racist
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  3. I was just going to post the same.

    When you think the lefties can't possibly do something to make them look even more ridiculous than they already do, Corbyn makes d'Abbott the Hutt Shadow Home Secretary.

    I reckon this is just an epic wind up and Labour are just trying to raise the stakes each week, and succeeding.

    It's an absolute farce.

    ...and what's even more scary, entire regions of the country will still vote for this utter shower.

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  4. That shadow cabinet is coming together.

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  5. That's fine. If they were unelectable before, this has just put the seal on it.
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  6. The fat racist Abbotpotomuss as Shadow Home secretary, well she does cast a rather large shadow.

    Labour are a laughing stock these days.
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  7. I agree but it's dangerous not to have a capable opposition.
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  8. Well the way things are stacking up, it's not going to be UKIP either.
  9. That's secured a shit load of future ARRSE threads, well done Jeremy.
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  10. Yeah, it's all over bar the punching for them...
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  11. No, I'm Twatist. ;)
  12. Sounds fishy.
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  13. Chakrabati as Shadow Attorney General.
  14. I was hoping you were going to tell us she died a painful death :(
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  15. That's a Shami for Justice in the UK then.
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