Diane Leech B.N.P Bring Our Troops home campaign.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Highlife, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. Bnp Diane Leech "Bring Our Troops home campaign".

    Below are links to Diane leech campaigning under “Bring Our Troops home” which is the bnp election battle cry for 2010, she has a facebook to collect money, and sells t shirts badges and car stickers which are obviously bnp design. She claims to have sold thousands but no details of what she has raised has ever been published!

    Diane Leech Fb group

    The creator is Billy Noel Peters who is Bnp as stated on his facebook.

    This is a video of Diane Leech on sky why she voted BNP Jun 8, 2009

    This is a video of Diane Leech and Roger Phillips at BNP red white and blue 2009 where she also got married and had her wedding party.

    This is Diane Leech’s husband campaigning for the BNP April 6, 2010 2nd from left in photo. They are both still very active with the bnp and lots more can be found on the net.

    What worries me is that no one ever see’s evidence of where the money collected goes, how do the public know that their donations end up helping the troops or are they ending up in the pockets of the BNP.
    She is not saying she is a charity or organisation so accounts cannot be checked it is not known if she even informed the tax man. I have been told she collects money in a sandwich box with no seal and no records are kept and she gets very defensive if you ask her about what evidence she has that the money she collects goes to the troops.
  2. I think she will have to do a lot better than that to catch up with the crooked cnuts in the Labour PartyFFS
  3. You're more of a UAF type voter I take it ?
  4. UAF dont do democracy, they do violence and smears at the behest of their Labour party paymasters.

    I'd love to see THEIR accounts.
  5. Sorry, just because not everyone loves your Nazi party it doesn't automatically mean they follow the UAF

    I think you'd be better off on the Stormfront website
  6. I think the BNP should provide some evidence or explanation as to what is actually done with the money. If the money does go to help soldiers then they deserve the credit for the charity work. If it doesn't then they want hauling over the coals in the most vicious manner.
  7. Fancy a pint? dont worry im not graham norton.
  8. Why are the BNP so insistent on "bringing our troops home" ? Could it be they think the British Army could be better employed rounding up people for deportation ?
  9. What is so wrong with bringing our troops home?? (regardless of party)
  10. The motive behind it ?
    Maybe too many years under a labour government has made me too cynical to take anything at face value anymore.
  11. He asked relevant questions about money allegedly being collected to help troops. Why don't you give him an answer or point him in a direction where he can get an answer.

    While I'm here, please post your information substantiating your claims that the Labour Party fund the UAF.
  12. Well why fly all the way to Afghanistan to fight Islamic extermists when we could just stay at home and do it in leeds and Bradford etc... AND get long weekends whilst doing it.

    Would be good for the environment too.... just think how many air miles our peace loving muslim brothers would save not having to fly out for the away fixture!