Diane Abbott's Twitter Racism...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I thought I would dive in here before the usual goose-stepping contingent get stuck in:

    Diane Abbott: 'White people love playing divide and rule' - Telegraph

    For my money, Diane Abbott is one of the worst products of the 'race relations' industry. She was lucky enough to be born at a time which has allowed her to spend her entire life benefiting from affirmative action programmes and being given the benefit of the doubt because she is female and black, despite having an IQ somewhere around that of a retarded amoeba. It's hard to imagine anyone from any community, black, white, brown, male, female, gay, straight or disabled, having been given the opportunities that she has being more of an embarrassment to our national life.

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  2. [video=youtube;pXhuzw_03EU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXhuzw_03EU&feature=related[/video]

    Abbot is Britain's Al Sharpton, always there to stir up any race issues and plays the race card like a bandit while living a life of wealth and privilege 99.9% of her constituents can only dream of.
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  3. Typical politician, double standards and a chip on her shoulder or in her case a chip on both shoulders.
  4. Think about Dianne Abbott ? What is this some sort of Jankers thread ?
  5. Vile creature. Smugger than a smuggy thing until she is tied in knots (very easily by any two celled interviewer) then her body language bring out the most horrendous feeling of nausea.
    On full throttle during the last couple of days with a court case involving two 'honky' murderers. Can I say that?
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  6. Why not? She seemed to be able to get away with making some blatantly racist comments about white Finnish nurses at her local hospital.
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  7. From her website.The back peddaling has begun!

    Tweet taken out of context. Refers to nature of 19th century European colonialism. Bit much to get into 140 characters.

    05 Jan 2012

    Latest via Twitter
  8. I must make myself clearer! "Can I call the white boys murderers" I meant to say.
  9. If it was a "bit much" to get into 140 characters, why did she use Twitter as her medium?
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  10. No chips on her shoulders, she'd scoff them in seconds.

    She is a stupid cow and that has nothing to do with her colour. However she is entitltled to her point of view and we would all be a darned sight happier if we could agree to ignore people who spout worthless drivel. She has stupid and inconsistent opinions on wealth creation, economics, social division, education and presumably a host of other issues - why should her views on race be any less contradictory.

    As a white person - am I offended, traumatised or shocked by her racist views? No, because I can ignore stupidity when I see it!
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  11. That woman is a bloody disaster. ISTR that she sent her son to a private school because she was afraid he'd get into a gang in a Hackney state school, despite her being the one in a position to do something about that.

    But she's black, so can't be a racist.
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  12. maybe she had forgot her facebook password
  13. Naff all will happen, she will totter on. Like has been said black people can make racist remarks and get away with it, white people can't.
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  14. She ought to get herself a feckin' unicycle she's so good at back-peddling. She's had plenty of practice what with the 'private school' debacle for her son, failure to declare earnings et aliae.

  15. Oh right, so it referred to the days when black people chucked spears and swung from trees looking for bananas then?

    That's fine no offence can be taken from that!
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