Diane Abbott says live 8 is racist

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crazyfool, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. Yes it is racist

  2. No she is an idiot

  3. dont care

  1. http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetails.aspx?EDMID=28451

    Not wanting to poor petrol on a fire, but instead have a debate

    What do people think, does she has a point or am I correct in saying that she is a hypocritical Pratt

    Personally I think she is making race an issue rather than thanking bob for all of his efforts, if she thinks she can do better tell her to
  2. Early days motions page, any chance of a link or a bit of copy and paste?
  3. Burn the witch.

    can you not add an option that reads along these lines

    she is a stupid twat, but i dont care as the gig for charidy is a complete bag of baws!
  4. I think it rather depends whether they asked any "minority" acts doesn't it? If they did ask and were told no, then whose fault is it?
    If there is any predjudice there I suspect it is more likely to be musical rather than racial, with the majority of black British acts not being the sort of music that Geldof and co. either have much to do with or think will suit this kind of event.
  5. Diversiteee

    (Interesting that she hasn't signed up to Gregory Campbell's EDM: ASSISTANCE FOR AFRICA'S FUTURE,
  6. Diane Abbott is a hyper-Blairite hellwitch.
  7. Thanks WB,

    I recall Geldork said he didnt want the Spice Girls playing as he wanted acts that would pull in the crowds.

    So there we have it, as usual its not about the job or the best way of getting the money in its about "being fair" she is a fool.

    The BBC is also looking to recruit 12% ethnic minorities, even though only 8% of the population fall into this category, its all about being "fair". The reason events like Live 8 are usually sucessful is that idiots like Daine Abbot are not the bookers.

    Stupid cow :roll:
  8. Make smoke and zigzag , this is an attempt to discredit Geldof and earn a pat on the back from Shrub.
  9. Mariah Carey has been invited? Is this the same Ms Carey that said something along the lines of...

    "I hate seeing all those poor children in Africa. It makes me feel bad. They're all so effortlessly skinny and I've been trying to slim down like that for ages!"

    Good effort Bob, nice choice.
  10. Would you believe that she was held as the sole 'black artist' to perform at the live8 gig


    Since when was she black? Was it when her career went down the pan and she saw a gap in the market for a sex kitten who hung out with 'gangstas' and got her puppies out?? :D
  11. Actually her Dad was black... I'm ashamed to admit it but I was so bored I watched part of a documentary about her in my hotel room in the States recently.
  12. But what did you watch afterwards?
  13. Geldof actually said that he didn’t include any "minority" acts because there are none that pull in the crowds, make as much money, and could bring enough attention to the Live 8 concert in the same way that U2, Robbie Williams, and the rest of the line up can.
    That sounds like a good enough reason to me, the whole point is to raise enough money for charity as possible and not to put X amount of black or white bands on stage.

    Why is it that whenever a "minority" group doesn’t appear to be involved in something, the PC crowd immediately start screaming “racism”.
    Right now I’m sitting in an office with no black people, I suppose someone is going to try and tell me there is something racist about that.
  14. Diane Abbott probably thinks Cornish pasties are racist! Funny how racism wasn't an issue (but racial prejudice was) before these characters came along and founded a race relations industry? Also why when you fill out a census form does somebody half white, half black have to be mixed race -black? My public school educated sister-in-law is half black and half white but makes Clarissa Dixon Wright look positively common!! she thinks of herself as British but it is only the likes of Diane Abbott who would ever asume that she had sufficient in common with her Mauritian father's roots to be considered anything other than posh totty from bournemouth! Which is a bit racist on their parts...oh and she's a nurse! :D :D :D :D
  15. A disturbing amount of sexism creeping into this thread. I am offended.