Diane Abbott puts her foot in it - again...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    from the Fail - Work for a white Conservative: What Abbott told Tory-voting graduate who asked for a job | Mail Online

    ' ‘So I went downstairs and found Ms Abbott and said I hoped she didn’t mind me asking her, but if there was any kind of work I could do for her, I would love the opportunity. ‘She said, “You’d be better off working for a white Conservative. You’re a black conservative, you don’t do the black thing.” [my emphasis] I couldn’t believe she had said it.
    ‘She was basically accusing me of selling out, which is not true. I told her being a conservative wasn’t going against my heritage. Anyone who understands black culture knows black culture can be very conservative. I thought she would understand that as she is educated.’
    British-born Ms Knight, whose father is a Nigerian immigrant, went to school at a London comprehensive before gaining her degree. She is not a member of the Conservative Party but regards herself as a ‘social conservative’. '

    wonder how she'll explain this one away?
  2. She won't bother, I doubt she sees that she has ever done anything wrong.
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  4. Unlike you to be so shy with your views ;-)
  5. Abbot sees herself as the Queen of Black People, anyone who doesn't acknowledge that (the journo who complained about self-appointed 'community leaders'; this graduate who dares to vote Conservative rather than voting as Abbot tells her), she regards as a racial traitor.

    She is the ultimate identity politician.
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  7. Why not start a thread in the NAAFI if you're that interested in people's views?
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  8. For someone that is supposed to be "intelligent", she really is a thick, feckless, self-serving, money grabbing, racist cow, who really should think before she speaks. Then again, let's keep her talking as it certainly is entertaining.
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  9. And I certainly can't find fault in your analysis.
  10. CMD and Norman Clegg must be loving this. I certainly am!
  11. Abbott was right to tell her to sling her hook. She was badgering Abbott repeatedly in a shop and she openly said "I don't agree with you and I support what you oppose, but give me a job anyway". It's this lack of conviction amongst career politicians that's screwing the country up. It's why it's getting really hard to tell one side of the House of Commons from the other as these people see politics as a profession where beliefs and political philosophy doesn't matter.
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  12. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    I can't help thinking that if Diane Abbott was my (albeit self-declared) spokesperson, I'd really be wondering where the hell I'd gone wrong.
  13. ^ Troo, dat.(Smartarse) We're seeing a number of people coming through that have been politicking since they left university. There is some merit, I think, in going back to the old system, where MPs don't get paid.
  14. Again if it were the other way around - a white conservative MP saying to a graduate "go and work for a black socialist" - the furore would be limitless.
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  15. Be that as it may, her response also included her articulating the belief that in order to be a 'proper black' you have to support the brand of politics pursued by Abbott and others of her ilk. It is as absurd as saying that white people who vote for Abbott are somehow letting the racial side down.

    Racial Solidarity Politics are really not a route that this country should go down, and the fact that a Shadow Minister is happy to talk like this in public is not a happy indicator for democracy.
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