A Diana doll has been produced (naturally) in the US.

"The doll talks when a button is pressed on its back, saying: "There's far too much about me in the newspapers, far too much," and "I want to do good things." It will also say: "I don't sit here with resentment. I sit here with sadness.""

Does anyone by chance have any other suggested phrases that she could say?

oooooooo James, you're so........Big!
Charles are you riding your horse ( camilla ) again?
I hate being in a threesome.
Does this tiara make my bum look big?
The butler did it
I feel sick!
Hopefully there'll soon be a Di in mourning edition, which will say "Tony Blair, truly the people's Prime Minister".

And I do mean SOON.

Oh wan't the other (or yet another) candidate for Henry's pater one Oliver Hoare ?. To have one whore as a parent is infortunate, to have both is careless.
"I say driver have you been drinking?"

"Of course I can get your Dad a passport Dildo, they won't kill me for asking"
I went into a tunnel wearing a tiara, and came out wearing a bonnet, does my bum look big in this??
"Its ok driver, just a quick one for the road......."
Re: "Diana Speaks"

She's been dead how many years? Just when WILL she finally shut her piehole???? :(
The US Doll has been programmed to repeat Diana's famous last words: "Put your foot down, we'll lose them in this tunnel!"
"James - Please take that cuirass off - its cutting into my ridiculously skinny ribs and hurting my poorly toned, flabby belly"
Will, can you introduce me to the rest of the England team?
It doesn't speak with Diana's voice, it actually comes through the middle man of uber camp scouse medium Derek Acorah. But for the asian market they will use Derek Pakorah.
"You drive like a fecking poof, get your fecking foot down and lose these cnuts or I'll have you fecking charged you tosser"

Or that's what she would have said if she was a proper vehicle commander.

"Driver advance - bollocks Bill get your fecking foot down"
pentwyn said:
Diana would probably say leave me alone i had enough
Enough? Enough attention? If everyone in the planet gazed adoringly at that woman for ten minutes, she would not have had enough...
In the tone of one of those 70s dolls where you pulled the head up on a string to make 'em talk...

"Let's manIPulate!"

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