Diana have you had enough?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by headgear, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. I don't know about anyone else but I am sick to death about hearing about Diane. I don't understand the hysteria. I can only hope it finishes today. it seems to me that everyone seems to have forgotten about her numerous affairs and the Will Carling in the back boot incident. Or is it just me that thinks she wasn't a perfect angel?
  2. I rather enjoyed the comments on last nights edition of "Mock The Week" in which the Scottish satirical suggested that in the ten years since Diana died, she was only removed from the front page of The Daily Express once, and that was because of the events on the 11th of September 2001.

    EDIT to clear up
  3. Hearing the Radio 4 News re-broadcast from 10 years ago really brought it all back.

    Yes - she's dead (cue munchkins singing their last number from the Wizard of Oz).

    10 more years - 10 more years - 10 more years - 10 more years
  4. Well, you'll probably upset some people with this opinion. But I'm feeling roughly the same. I am getting tired of hearing about Diana. I agree, obviously, that it's perfectly alright and normal for her family to mourn etc., but what I disagree with is the amount of public interest in the whole thing.

    Why do so many people feel that they have the need and the right to discuss Diana's life so much, or to discuss if Camilla should be allowed to attend? I thought, personally, that it was disgusting the way that Camilla was hounded in the press. The only people who should have a say in whether Camilla attends or not is the sons and possibly Charles. Not the mass public of Britain.

    It does get to me at times like this! 8)
  5. I'm still trying to figure out what the hysteria was all about. While obviously being saddened that anyone should die at that age I was not personally affected. Unfortunately we, the general public, only know what the media told us about her so are really u8nable to make a real judgement but she is now dead, she's been dead for ten years and it's well past time she was alloowed to die.
  6. To be perfectly honest I didn't understand the fuss at the time, and I certainly don't understand why it's still newsworthy now.

    There must be an awful lot of people in the World who don't have a life of their own.
  7. Diana's one of them!
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    You are absolutely right.
    This collective joy, collective grief thing seems to be a crutch to some folks, a bit like religion.
    The only thing I remember about Diana was the fact that she was at least considerate enough to share the goods with quite a few blokes before her unfortunate demise.....
  9. On the drive into work this morning, the radio was constantly going on about it whichever station I changed to. Telly tonight is bound to be Diana this that and the other...GIVE IT A REST for Gods sake. The woman is dead, and has been for 10 years. I am not interested
  10. FFS I'm in deepest, darkest, rural Sichuan in a village that only got electricity five years ago, there won't be a decent road for another two years but all the local women are Di mad. 'Oh look a foriegner! One of the first we have ever seen in the flesh! Lets ask him about Princess Di!'
  11. I'd be interested to see if Mother Theresa gets the same treatment next week.
  12. I agree with Goon in that Camilla was singled out for persecution by the press last week. Wouldnt surprise me if they had pre-prepared 2 seperate headlines cursing her: one for accepting an invitation to the memoorial and one for bowing out. I cant help but have this feeling that they would have hung her out to dry no matter what she ended up doing.

    As for Diana, she may well have been the "Peoples Princess" when she was alive. But it was 10 years ago.... It cant be fun for Wills and Harry (not forgetting Charles) that every time they try and do something good in her name. The press go and destroy everything they are fighting to achieve.
  13. It was nauseating 10 years ago and it is worse now (that people still give a toss). Last night there was a very good piece on newsnight about the Express coverage. Hearteningly it seems there has been a steady drop in Express readership in the last 10 years, though circulation is still, worryingly, around the million mark. There was a wonderful bit when they had a daft old bat sitting in her front room amongst her Diana china, lauding the merits of the Express's coverage. Wonderful editing, they just let her talk.

    I think the thing that I find most annoying is that the same people who went off on one (it seemed about 80% of the people of Britain) were the same ones who in months before her death were lapping up the stories of her with her prat of a boyfriend (the one whose ego and decision-making got her killed), in a most salacious manner, then (as has been suggested above) gave her instant deification.Hypocracy.

    Ultimately I don't think I ever got over the fact that on the day of her death I was half way to a Northampton vs Newcastle rugby match and it was binned because she had died. It seemed unnecessary then, it certainly does now. I am glad the Household Division is keeping a tight reign on what is going on in Chapel today, and that there won't be a spectacle on Birdcage Walk.
  14. Let her rest in peace. If the Royal Family want a memorial, its private and for 500 close family and friends to attend and yet people are bitching its not being televised...... SO WHAT - ITS PRIVATE.

    She has been dead for 10yrs, the Conspiracy Theorists are still claiming it was Elvis n JFK that did it and Al Fayed just wont let things lie and until they all accept that the lady has left the building it will continue to be dragged up every 5/10/25 yrs. OK she did a lot for charity so let that be her legacy and not tv cameras crawling through every orrafice of her Private life. Its not news anymore.
  15. She was quite fit though ;)