Diamond Jubilee Muster Windsor

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairy_nuff, May 19, 2012.

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  1. Well done to everyone who took part, I felt very proud. Even the Crabs were in step, better fly past
  2. Pyianno

    Pyianno LE

    Looked good. Some excellent pics floating about.
  3. PrinceAlbert

    PrinceAlbert Guest

    Are you ****ing kidding me?!?!

  4. Unlike the midshipman in the front row of the naval contingent who was doing a bit of a samba all the way through Windsor. Either that or he had neglected to wear loose fitting underwear on a long march.
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  5. Manley

    Manley LE

    Naval officers should NEVER Ever be allowed or encouraged to march, they just cant do it, no way, now how, awaiting incoming.
    RAF Sgt excused wearing medals at the Diamond Jubillee Muster due to the danger of said gongs flying off during his super fast drill movements.
    As can be seen Sgt Crabbes cap has almost come adrift due to his literally head spinning eyes right movement and the RAF Reg Wing Co felt that the risk to others from flying medals was too great and so Sgt Crabbe was excused gongs. "A rack like Crabbes could take out an eye and that would obviously mar this great occasion" said the Wing Co.
    Crabbe was also excused Parade Boots and wore his chukkas.
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  7. grey_man_2

    grey_man_2 Old-Salt


    Um, it appears that somebody's bayonet fell off at some point during the muster? Or is he not supposed to have one?
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  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Getting the RAF to turn out on a Saturday must have taken some doing.
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  9. oops probably when they laid them down
  10. Bravo_Bravo

    Bravo_Bravo On ROPS On ROPs

    Ah, that would be the item I saw a cameraman retrieve... nice proff..


  11. garyrjb

    garyrjb Old-Salt

    maybe setting myself up here but i have stood at windsor a few times thinking the right marker had forgotten his bayonet so therefore I think it may not be wrong.
  12. Bravo_Bravo

    Bravo_Bravo On ROPS On ROPs

    Dunno, mate. I did see a cameraman walk into the arena and pick something up near the spot where the Guards stood, so assumed it was a bayonet given one was seemingly missing.
  13. orgASMic

    orgASMic War Hero

    It looked great and well done to all on parade. I thought the commentary was banal beyond belief, though. I know they have to fill the time somehow but I would have much preferred to listen to the bands than Fiona Bruce and Eddie Butler (seriously?) jabber on inanely.
    "and now, as the wheels on the bus go round and round we can see through the arched window, for that is what windows are for"
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  14. How long before someone screams 'racist' because the Sergeant in the foreground is the only one in the front rank wearing white gloves?
  15. Bonobo_Boy

    Bonobo_Boy Clanker

    His medals where picked up by some photographer and handed to RAF reg WOII after they marched off