Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rockape560, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. i should say from the start i am a level 2 diabetic and 57 yrs old

    on friday i walked the parade route on the 12th orange route,in loughbrickland outside belfast,after takeing all my tabs and haveing plenty of water with me.however by the time i got to the field i was ill with the heat.
    i had to go to the st johns station and was told to get tea and sarnies in the next tent and sit in the shade,which helped.

    however this set me thinking. how do the guys/girls in afghan,who have diabeties, deal with it when out on patrol.?
    i realise fitness and tabs/insulin helps but do they have anything else to take before they go out?.
  2. Eh?
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  3. They don't, as far as I know you are downgraded and not fit to deploy with diabetes

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  4. What he said.
  5. Fuck off you broken-of-pancreas crab fuck pig.
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  6. After all that pigeon caring stuff, ooooh_matron is back on form.

    Type 1 is a naturally occurring condition, but Type 2 is your own fault, and predominantly affects the RLC and blokes in Stores.
  7. Diabetes.

    Recently been pronounced type 2 myself. Got to lose a few kilos, like 6 or so (or nearly a stone, eh?).
    A bit of exercise should do it, as the diet seems pretty right to those who know about such things.

    And as fate would have it my slinky friend is both a type 1 diabetic, complete with regular hypo episodes,
    and a registered nurse by training. And is never one to deny the world her opinions, so I hear plenty about
    this (and everything else).

    So I guess I'll be laying off the pies and striding about emu-fashion for the foreseeable.
  8. Don't be worrying about Afghan, look closer to home.

    Now you say you were ill with the heat, that is not directly related to diabetes, so unsure the point you are making, many are affected by heat at the moment who are non diabetic.

    However dehydration and extra exertion can impinge on diabetes stability, so if you have not done so, get your home blood glucose monitoring system in place, learn what affects your blood sugars, if doing activity that affects condition carry the monitoring kit, carry glucose in drink or sweet form if you go hypo, then ensure you have access to more complex carbs.

    I suggest you see your GP or diabetic nurse if you have one, and get their advice to prevent issues arising again, activity levels affect amount of medication/carbohydrates you need.

    Use the parade as a learning tool, and take the necessary precautions to prevent reoccurence of ill effects, whether that was caused by heat or your diabetes.
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  9. cost £4 for coffee and 2 sarnies.they made a fortune

  10. Try going to Salford Quays and asking for some food and drink for 4 quid.

    They'll throw a bucket on a rope into the dock.

    If you're lucky, there will be a few minnows in the water.......
  11. Makes a change from the Brown Mullet that used to be in the Manchester Shit Cannal.
  12. HHH

    HHH LE

    That's what you get for carrying the Lambeg drum the whole way!
  13. Let me correct that (the memsahib is a diabetes nurse): they don't like being called 'diabetic' nurses. Bless 'em and their over-sensitivity.
  14. Correct title please, it is Diabetes Specialist Nurses or Community Diabetes Specialist Nurses, tut tut room for improvement.

    I have the view call me what you like as long as you do not pay me health care assistant wages, or call me late for dinner.
  15. How very UK centric of you.