I am new to arrse, I have recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Is there anybody out there who has type 1 and is still serving in the army. If so I would like to know how you get on.
I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2003 and discharged after 22 years in 2007. They did try to MD me but i fought my corner and managed to finish my time. I had good control and my Diabetes didn't really effect my performance, i would go as far as to to say that it spurred me on to prove them wrong. Are you serving, if so it will all depend on which arm or service how you proceed. Best of luck.
Depends upon your terms of engagement I imagine. I know in Civ Div the D word instantly casts a cloud in private Companies, I can only imagine in the Army the cloud cast is that bit darker. Speak to your MO, but it will be on the docs in big red letters for the rest of your career.


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Sod the rest of your career, it'll be there for the rest of your life.

My brother has type 1, came on about 18 months ago he nearly died before it was diagnosed. He manages by monitoring his diet, (he actually eats regularly now - previously his work regime (irregular shifts) meant that he only ate as and when) and by injecting insulin four (4) times a day. He has regular assessments by his Dr and these are backed up with regular blood/glucose checks (in addition to his own blood sugar level testing on a daily basis).

He also has to keep an eye out for symptoms of neuropathy.

Having said all of that. He manages to properly perform his duties as a UKBF Officer (incl working irregular shifts), has a great social life, and travels the world on a regular basis (he just has to have a Dr's note when he wants to take stabby things on planes).

Talk to your MO/MI Room, your CoC and make your peers aware that they may need to keep an extra eye on you on Exercises (hypo and hyper glycaemic issues), I wouldn't have thought that there will be anything that you were doing previously that you won't be able to do now. Just don't stub any toes.

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