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I was made redundant a few weeks ago and I'm currently going through the process of making a claim for unemployment benefit.
The sticking point at the moment is my work for the TA which they class as a part time job.
I'm nationally recruited TA so this month i will be doing two days, nothing next month, then two days in July then nothing till mid October when we have our camp.
The question is how many hours would I work if i do a weekend (sat am till mid day sunday)? If its more than 16 then I have to sign off then sign on again on the Monday!
I know that i will actually be there for far more than 16 hours but how many hours would the Army class it as?
The DHSS don't appear to be able to help me with this,its kind of like they have never come across this situation before and no one is answering the phone at my unit.
A weekend is usually 20 hours. 4 Hours Friday then 8 hours for Saturday and Sunday each. From my out of date enjoyment of Das SS, the dole and TA I never had to sign off for a weekend. If I remember rightly the working hours sheet you should be given to declare your hours on the week was split in such a way that a weekend fell over 2 declared weeks, if that makes sense...! :D
It's 30 hours in a fortnight before you enter paperwork nightmare mountain land. WRT to JSA, their official docks state you should be able to stick to 40 hours per week availability for JSA purposes. When you do camp you need to do a JSA Rapid Reclaim on return.

Rules vary from DHSS person to person. I was told I could still claim JSA for several months once I start work, I'd be classed as a business start up (I should be contracting on above 200 per day).


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There are various classifications of workers who do not have to sign off. This includes the TA and some fishermen etc.

From the benefits website....
In assessing Jobseeker's Allowance (Income based) those claiming as a couple have the first £10.00 of their earnings disregarded.
When working out benefit entitlement earnings in excess of the disregarded amount are taken into account on a 1 pence for 1 pence basis.
No allowance is made for any employment expenses, for example, fares to work, unless they are incurred during employment, for example, tools and equipment.
Customers who are working, on average, 16 hours or more a week (24 hours or more in the case of partners in Jobseeker's Allowance (Income based)) are not normally eligible for Jobseeker's Allowance.
Exceptions to the above are:
certain carers and trainees;
people living in a residential care or nursing home;
special occupations i.e. lifeboatmen, part-time firemen, Territorial Army, Volunteer Reserves and coastguards, PSNI(R);
Local Councillors and foster parents;
in certain circumstances, people involved in a trade dispute;
disabled people with low earnings due to disability;
share fishermen claiming Jobseeker's Allowance (Contribution based).
For these people, there are no restrictions on the hours they can spend doing this type of work and still remain eligible to claim Jobseeker's Allowance.
Earnings are taken into account in the normal way, although some have a higher disregard of £20.00.

Benefits agency website

The £20 exception is valid for the TA too.

The above only applies to weekends etc. For your annual camp or longer courses you will have to sign off.

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