Dhofar War

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by muhandis89, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. And then,of course,there was the ground attack on Hauf!

  2. Must have been mid 90's when The Sultan sorted out the border question with Yemen.
    Roughly they took the Then Border and the Sultan said OK I give you 1 or 2 KMs of my territory, ie the border moved East into Oman.
    If you look now the Border goes up dead straight as a Brit African border until it makes a V shaped deflection into Yemen.
    Small fort there Name slips my memory, but as muhandis says
    "And then,of course,there was the ground attack on Hauf!"

  3. Habrut perhaps?
  4. The fort with the sea in the background was the Wali's fort (Wali four-eyes). I had lunch there on at least one occasion, having flown in by Defender.
  5. I deposited a complete set of the old 1:100,000 and the 1:50,000 mapping with the Royal Geographical Society map collection. I hope they are available to the general public.
  6. Hello

    Im not sure if it is OK to ask this, but I came across this site doing some research on my father, and I wondered if any of you might have known him? He was in SOAF from around 1970 - 1978 flying helicopters out of Salalah with Neville Baker - his first name was Graham, but everyone knew him as Stan. Sadly he was killed in 1978 in a helicopter accident in Oman, and was laid to rest in the military cemetary there. I would love to know more about his time in Oman if anyone can help?

    Many thanks

  7. A much belated thanks to those of you who helped with maps and other comments/suggestions.

    I spent three weeks on the mountains in Dhofar during March this year, and visited most of the locations/sites from 'OP Jaguar', 'Amatol' and 'Cyclops'. I also went to the south of Manston to the site where Paul Wright was killed and laid a memorial cross.

    On returning to Muscat I left wreaths at both cemetaries.

  8. Hi Tabitha

    Your father "Stan" Stanford was a fine and brave man, highly regarded by all who knew him, a father of whom you can be very proud. He was awarded the Sultan's Distinguished Service Medal (in Arabic "Wasm Khidmat Mumtaz" or WKhM). The WKhM is awarded for "Exceptionally distinguished service and outstanding devotion to duty over a prolonged period". Stan's award was promulgated in Force Routine Order 71 of 1974. I was in the army and did not know him as well as the pilots he flew with. His unit was 3 Squadron, as you probably know, and I will forward a link to this page with your query to a few friends from SOAF (Sultan of Oman's Air Force), who would have known him better than I did.

    Best wishes
  9. I knew Stan Standford. His nickname was "Stan the Man". He was a fine man, respected by all who knew him. He was regarded as the father of the heli loadmasters - there are others who can give more detail on this. He died on 17th June 1978, together with Adrian Winterbon and members of an Omani mortar team. I attended his funeral in Muscat, and photographed his gravestone when it was put up, and again in 2010. I hope this is of use to you.

    Best wishes
  10. Hi Bronze Holdfast

    Thank you for your reply, it means a lot to hear from people who knew my father - I know a little of his time in Oman, and we did visit him out there on three occasions, staying in both Muscat and Salalah - I have lots of photos of the people we met out there - along with lots of helicopters, model airplanes and fish which were his main interests I think! - but cant remember many of the names, although I know Neville and some others stayed in contact with my mum after his death. I have the medals here, and a number of letters including one from Tim Creasey in June 1974. I was quite young when he died, so know very little of his time out there, although I have learnt bits and pieces over the years, I would like to know more - I am immensly proud of him and would like his grand children to know as much about him as possible.

    Once again, Thank You,

    kind regards

  11. Hello Op Storm Trooper

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, and for your PM I really do appreciate it, it means a lot to hear from people who knew him and worked with him, and to hear about a part of his life which I knew so little about,

    best wishes


  12. Hellow
    I served at Sallalah and quaifyed for GSM clasp DHOFOR .I have since learned that the
    Sultan of Oman did award a medal for service there .I would be interested if any one
    out there has any info on the medal that the Sultan awarded.
  13. I assume you have the British 1962 GSM with Dhofar clasp. The Omanis have their own GSM with Dhofar clasp. This is only available to those who served in the Sultans Armed Forces during the Dhofar war, although I have noticed that some senior regular British Army officers who were only seconded also put it up, together with Assamooda - the victory medal. Hope this helps.


  14. British personnel who wore a SAF uniform were eligible for SAF medals, whether seconded or contract. Wearing of SAF medals with British Army medals for such personnel was officially authorised (contained I think in a DCI).
    There were a number of British units which were allied troops and not part of SAF; these would, I think, only be entitled to the British GSM with Dhofar clasp and any British decoration they were awarded. SAF 'A' Branch would not necessarily even know individuals' names. These units included the Royal Engineers, the RAF, the RAF Regiment, the SAS, FST personnel and a few other attached, such as RCT and RAVC. Appearances may confuse as some Brits initially present as allied forces went on to become seconded or contract in SAF.
    Some Iranian and some Jordanian allied forces were awarded Omani medals and decorations.
    Tony09, which unit were you with?
  15. I sit corrected