Dhofar War

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by muhandis89, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Sorry, 4-0-C but John Gant is only my sign in name.
  2. OK, thanks for that - it's just spooky, as the surname is not common.
  3. Nothing to do with Gants Hill then - a deserted airstrip on the Oman/Yemen border!
  4. Ant??
  5. No ants there - too dry
  6. Just a ´heads up´,there´s a guy on E-Bay selling his Dad´s Oman relics,maybe If you give him a message he might have some old doc´s that could provide some aditional info,some of you might want one of the walking sticks he´s flogging :twisted:
    Go to E-bay and search for Walking Stick Oman,that should get you there

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  7. Thank you for that. I was outbid anyway!
  8. Maybe Quaboos wanted his old stick back! :lol:
  9. A Sapper friend of mine from G Sqn is still looking for the SOAF heli pilot who dumped him,and some others ,on a supposedly oblique position,on the enemy withdrawal route.However,it appeared that he dropped them on top of the enemy! Shit happens in such situations.

  10. Muhandis.
    You must have been with Ian Thomas and Red Company. I had forgotten you were there. Rgds
  11. I had just come back from casevac in Cyprus.I was in 2 Coy.While waiting to get onto the jebel again,I joined up with Red Coy,who were Plains Reserve,for the day,and went off with them to the area where Tiger was.Being a fellow Sapper,I felt that this was the least I could do.Charlie Gray was OC Red on the day.
  12. I am off to Oman next week with 30/40 other guys to do a tour of the battlefields and join some group discussions about Simba, Mirbat, Tawi Atair, op Jag, Hornbeam and Amatol. My memory gets bad after all this time but i would love to visit, and pay my respects to Paul, this battlefield again. Rgds
  13. Well done ytd.I had heard about the visit,but have to be abroad on business,at the time.Paul's body is-I believe-in the British Cemetery in Muscat.If you visit,please give him my thoughts too.He;s always in my mind,even after all these years.A great soldier and Sapper.
  14. The moral of that story was ... if you support insurgency in my country, I will beat the crap out of you ................... Oman had it right as Yemen thought the price too high to pay.