Dhofar War

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by muhandis89, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. John.Thanks for that.Paul/Tiger was a personal friend.I was there on the day.Very sad.A first class ''press on officer'' who was unlucky enough to meet the main enemy force coming across his front.
  2. Edward Ashley collection info FYI. Looks like there might be a photo of Wright in there somewhere.

  3. Canader-Thanks for that.I have some photos of Paul,from the time,which I'll post if you wish.At the time we were the only 2 Sapper officers in SAF.Strangely we were both(I was in DR at the time) present,at the battle in which Tiger died.Mike Austin(ex D+D),Tiger's 2 i/c remains a good friend to this day.
  4. 21 Feb 10
    ya muhandis,
    Check you private messages.
  5. UAG,gassing mozzies & self with that horrible parrafin powered thing!Remember almost crapping myself when I first heard the Hedgehog crabs opened up with their Brownings?Bagpipes at the Sultan's winter palace,no air left after Ursula Andress appeared out of the sea (Dr No?)-locals very sharp intake of breath.That was the open-air cinema at UAG. :slow: :D
  6. Would love to see Skyvan picture-had to replace the windsock/pole at White City.Had just cut the old one down,& a local appeared within a minute to ask if he could have it.Didn't know where he went with it,vanished as fast as he appeared!And I was sober.91 SF Jordanian Army were in theatre,has come back to me-officers trained somewhere near Wales,and played crap darts.
  7. John.PM returned!

  8. I remember Mike Kealy's unfortunate death because I was a POC at the time and we were staggering across the Beacons that same day and were diverted to help try and find him. That was also the day I discovered the Storey Arms wasn't a pub!
  9. Another useful little book is 'The Secret War, Dhofar 1971-1972' by David Arkless who served there as an RCT Air Despatcher supporting the SAS - often just on his tod!

    A good read with some very atmospheric photos.
  10. My bold - Is that the gents name or a nom de plume? The eventual establishment of an RCT Air Despatcher on the 'Lines' occurred around '73 as I recall (poorly). Sgt Andy 'x' was the first.
  11. I haven't got the book with me but I seem to remember that he arrived as a decidedly 'unestablished' black economy guy who had to do everything himself - rigging and despatching, until he got some local help. Sounds like heaven!

    Don't know if it's a nom de plume but it may well be. The front cover has a photo of someone manning a .50 - I could never quite work out what that had to do with AD though :D
  12. "I had a letter a few months ago from the boss of the Helicopters, he's now 83 and going strong (but not flying)"

    That would have been my old boss, Neville Baker. He was at our SAF Reunion Dinner in November for the first time ever. Just dropped out of view when he left Oman in the late 70's, but a fantastic chap.

    I went through the whole war from 1970-1977 with 3 Squadron SOAF(Helis), and reading through your posts it is hard to believe it was 40 years ago and that I have now hit 70. Got shot down a couple of times, HMG fire from the Shirishiti caves, then in '75 by a SAM 7B, though made it back to Salalah that time. Found this Forum by accident, a friend gave me a link to YouTube that covered the Battle of Mirbat in five parts. Most of it is re-enacted for obvious reasons, but they had some real film at the end when I flew in with the Bell 205 to collect the dead and wounded SAS team.

    Worth watching if you have not seen it before. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c4-psnlKQU

    Seven of the best years of my life with many lifelong friends from there still, and memories of the ones that I lost. However we used to go back to the Officers Mess at the end of the day, and had a great beach scene, unlike the Army Officers who spent most of their time on the Jebel.

    Will keep an eye on the Forum now that I have registered.


  13. Dave Duncan-One of the best heli pilots in Dhofar(and there were some good ones there)
  14. Some other oddball memories coming back-tablets must be working!
    Seeb International airport-security was a doorframe/metal detector with an Omani policeman next to it.No building,just a doorframe.
    Hawker had a bar just outside Muscat,with Red Barrel on draught-think they were building a power station.
    Armourer at Midway was called bin-Midfa-only recently realised why :slow:
    Dhobi wallah at UAG,nice chap,Shabir,wanted to go to England and his prized possession was a reference from Major 'Raleigh'.Unfortunately,or fortunately,he didn't read English-"Not a bad sort for a W**"
  15. 03 March 10


    Yes, it was Neville - glad he made a SAF dinner. You must have flown me around a lot, but I can't recall the name. You don't by any chance have any of the old brown 100,000 maps do you? That's what got me onto this thread!! I'm trying to locate a position from October 71- Jan 72 known as 'Waterhole', about 10 klm SW of Jib Jat., almost due east of White City.