Dhofar War

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by muhandis89, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Spent 9 years in Dhofar, Salalah years after the war.
    Remember the Fort at Mirbat.
    Got to know the old lads from Them who still worked for Sultan setting up his Special Forces at the Zeke Camp.
  2. As I recall the place where Maj Gen Tony Jeapes won the MC, and wrote about it in his book, the name of which escapes me. Came across him when he was CLFNI. Scared the sheeyite out of me so he did!
  3. 'Operation Storm'.
    Had a copy, my brother who does not read, lost it. A family mystery.
  4. Are you sure? It doesn't ring a bell.
  5. Operation Oman I think it was
  6. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  7. He got his MC as a young troop commander during the first, quite brief Oman campaign that the SAS were involved in, 1958-59. His book is about the second Oman campaign, 1970-76, in which Jeapes was OC of the first SAS squadron to deploy and later CO of 22 SAS. He received the OBE for his part in the Dhofar War- why not a DSO I don't know.
  8. General Jeapes' book was reprinted a few years back... and it was Op Storm
  9. Jeapes... the bugger almost beat me on a SE District orienteering championship. Me a keen young Lt, him a scraggly old (must have been an ancient 45 at the time) 5 AB Bde Comd. Still, Depot PARA beat his HQ team (just) so two big fingers!
  10. Wasn't the original title of the book. It changed after some folks reminded him that there were other participants in 'Op Storm' :D
  11. Why do you think that? The CO of the Regiment during 'Op Corporate' managed an MID. Life is full of wonders.
  12. hi jonwilly,

    I came across this site after Googling Dhfar Maps! I was in Dhofar from 1970 -1975 and I am trying to get hold of some of the brown coloured 100,000 maps that were the general issue at that time. I am particularly interested in the area centered on Wadi Darbat, with north east as far as Jib Jat and west as far as White City (Madinat al Haq). If you, or anyone else has any of these old maps I would greatly appreciate you getting in touch.

    Thanks in advance

  13. Try The School of Military Survey, which as far as I remember is at Hermitage near Newbury in Berkshire. Failing that, try The Hereford Map Centre, in Church Street. They have all sorts there, and great links with the O/S.
  14. Sorry Mr. Gant, I am afraid I cannot help you.