Discussion in 'Officers' started by RustyH, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question,

    In the camp at Dhekelia what currency is used Euro's or Sterling?

    Thanks for any help,

  2. Both, and the naafi does warstiner.
    If its for a.t your going give me a pm.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply sadly not going out for AT but a FAM visit.
  4. RH, I am on the other side of the Island, where Sterling is NOT accepted anywhere. The nearest there is to Sterling in the Cypriot pound, which has been phased out over the last few months. I have visited DHK a fair few times, and have never seen/heard of sterling being used there either. Although I am not suggesting BAS is incorrect, you might be safer ensuring you have Euros in your wallet. If you need any local knowledge/Airport routes, feel free to PM.
  5. Fantastic thanks for the information, I'll get me some Euro's on Monday then. If you can suggest how to impress the PWRR that would be helpful but I think thats about it!

    Unless you can tell me the best way to get from Oxford station to RAF Brize Norton?

    Once again thanks for the help and quick responses,

  6. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Amex works
  7. Impress the PWRR? Start by drinking a pint of your own urine, go to town and fight some locals, then fall asleep in a gutter covered in your own faeces, before drunkenly locating your car parked at the local knocking shop and driving it into a wall.

    That's almost guaranteed to impress!

    Travel to Brize info: HERE
  8. Hi I am also on the Batallion visit but havent heard anything about the flight times etc., have you received further information? I got the letter regarding the kit that we need to bring along but nothing after that.
  9. No nothing yet, last email I sent they told me they were waiting on the confirmation of the flight booking that was 10th March I'm hoping there will be something in the post tommorrow or its getting rather late.
  10. It is all Euros in Cyprus now, nothing else.

    Give Brizes' Terminal a ring, they will let you know if you are on the flight or not.
  11. Its not just the flight but the rail warrant as well, so I've got no choice but to wait luckily I lived a minute or too from RHQ so worst comes to the worst Thursday I'll give them a phone and head down.
  12. RH, I left Dhekelia last May, they converted to the euro in Jan 08, don't take £sterling, exept to use when you get back.
  13. still no letter in the post, any news your end RustyH?
    will proably give RHQ a ring tomorrow
  14. No I'm still waiting for the letter if you do could you let me know what you find out?