DHE - What is it they do?

I am posting this to see how many others are currently or have in the past suffered at the hands of the incompetants at DHE or the Housing Information Centres (HIC's). I am within 3 weeks of moving to my new assignment, and still have no MQ allocation. I have received a letter from DHE to say allocation would be within 15 days, but that has come and gone. I was also told that I wasn't to contact them, but the civvy in the welfare office could!! Here is a list of statements and excuses so far from these idiots:-

1. It's silly season, everyone is being posted - What? All to the same place as me, all 90 odd thousand?!!
2. We are currently undermanned - Aren't we all love.
3. There are others waiting above you - Pull you're finger out then!
4. We need to find time to sit down and allocate - No Sh1t!
5. You will be allocated this week - No I wasn't
6. You will definately be allocated this week - No, I still wasn't
7. I should retain my current quarter - DHE here won't allow it, they need my house.
8. I don't know who told you you would be allocated, no one here would have said that (HIC) - But isn't allocation your job??
9. I sympathise with you - No you don't. You have no idea.
10. We don't have enough MQ's - There are lots of officer quarters empty, or what about (dare I say it?!) HIRINGS?!!

I have just returned from Iraq and face the prospect of being Married Unaccompanied for god knows how long. I have been to the MQ estates at my new assignment and have seen how many MQ's are empty, but apparently MHS have them for repair. Once allocated, MHS have 15 days to carry out all repairs before the new occupants arrive, so they use this as an excuse as well.

I have had to make a decision over my childrens schooling too. As it will be the start of a new school year, I had to decide whether to hold on to their places at my current location for possibly 2-3 weeks, or take them out at the end of the last term as places at their schools here are at a premium. I telephoned nearly every school in my new assignments area, and have been fortunate to eventually find places for them. I was told if I had left it any longer, then we would have had no chance. I informed DHE I had done this, and they said I shouldn't have, as they advised in their letter. There was no such advice in their letter, other than you will be allocated within 15 days and don't phone us!!

I have used their complaints procedure twice and have received no replies - maybe I am taking up too much valuable time. I have also contacted the AFF to see if they know why they are in such disarray, and they have replied saying it is a major problem for families.

DHE - We cannot put everything on hold because you haven't got the staff, time or inclination to do what it is you are supposed to be doing. SORT IT OUT for everyones sake. You are in breach of your duties to service families.

Any comments or ideas most welcome.
Mate i totally agree with you and you have my every sympathy(check out my thread i have all the same probs with a disabled wife too)
all i can say is never give dont let the ba stards win!!!!
i had to change my posting so now i am not going to gutersloh but paderborn early next year so look out!
the housing clerks like the welfare or AFF dont care.they make the right noises saying they do but i have yet to see evidence.until the old boy network is disabled then i fear the likes of us will continue to be treated like sh!t.All the best mate sorry i cant be of more help but you do have my support.
Thanx BBB

Apologies for the late response. I have read your thread, and I have spoke to a certain individual at the AFF. They seem to be very interested in all cases like yours (yours is far more pressing than mine) and mine. It may not be a very productive route to take asking them for their help, but the more evidence of this kind of sh1t they have, the better. I would therefore urge anyone who has problems with housing to get amongst it and email and harass everyone. DHE have a complaints procedure on their website, but after two emails to them and no reply, it is obviously being run by the same t1ts who allocate housing.

The link is: http://www.defence-estates.mod.uk/sfa/complaints.php

I have a MQ now, but I am continuing to email, write, and speak to people about the issues as it is all to easy to let go once you are sorted.

Good luck in Paderborn, I loved it there.
I have had no end of trouble with the DHE each of the few times I've dealt with them.

My recent gripe and reason for posting, is that I never received an appointment time for getting the keys to me new quarter. When I rang, I was informed that I had missed the appointment (which I was never informed of), that it would be recorded as a no show (which means nothing).

When I asked to re-arrange I was told that they didn't have another appointment before my furniture was due to move. The conversation went on as you'd pretty much expect it to, with me pointing out that the mess around was their fault. They were absolutely sure they could in no way squeeze me in an appointment in the next few days. It only came to head late when I rang back to inform them that the removal company would charge them, £400 for a late change of date (within 4 days). Oddly enough they found me a slot.
The major problem with DHE is they have no respect for the Armed Forces, they treat them appalling and in the majority of cases get away with it.

There are cases where the person in-charge of your patch is an EX - (w)-ranker, and there in-lies one of the problems. They are NO longer serving, but tend to think that they can retain their rank. Then, there are the others that sit on the right-handside of GOD, and think what they say is the gospel i.e. promises, promises of what work will be carried out on your MQ. That more often than not, doesn't happen.

Perhaps, if they spoke and acted towards the Army a little more professionally, instead of acting menacingly, they just might get a little more respect themselves.

l found, the only purpose that a DHE (male) warden serves :-

lf struggling for an idea for a fancy-dress outfit, get an old navy-blue blazer with school badge (a must) on the breast-pocket, flick some dandruff on the shoulders, get a clipboard, papers attached, grease your hair back, sweaty-smell optional, learn to suck-in with your teeth clenched, and then practise the line 'you can't do that!' whilst pointing at something with a pen, as well as sticking out your shoulders, puffing up your chest and acting as if you own EVERYTHING. Can't lose!
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