DHE taking back handers?

Most of us have had problems with the DHE. One thing I have seen is them finding problems were non really exist. When someone has be posted from the UK to Germany and DHE say there's a problem, sort it out or you have to pay, you don't have much choice when in a different country. A lot of peple seem to just pay even if in the same theatre. Now this makes me think the DHE could be on to a winner. They find a problem, get contracters in to do work (allegedly) contracters get paid. Now it's in the contracters interests for there to be problems to get paid for rectifying them, so could they and the DHE have an agreement that is mutually beneficial?


You do have a choice. Don't pay unless they can prove that you caused the problem. If they refuse to take the house over from you don't worry. Leave them with the keys and drive off. You haven't signed anything, you can't get billed. Report it to your last and your new units. You'll not end up paying rent for 2 quarters and they won't bill you. They tried a stunt with one of my muckers, who told them to ram it, put his wife and kids in the car and drove off. Nothing was said or done.
Good advice, especially for first timers to SFA. I think some of us havn't wanted to rock the boat in the past when we should have stood up for ourselves. I'm just going through the process for the first time so I'll be standing my ground! cheers AB.


Not many people will do it as they are afraid that their units may express some displeasure. You'd be surprised how many units will actually back you up on these issues. Many of your management have had a belly full of these people as well. Don't let some ex serving Charlie pull the wool or attempt to bully you. If it genuinely wasn't your fault and they are determined to bill you, let them send the bill in the post. Do not divulge your new address to them. Let them find you. Your last unit won't give a Monkeys as you are no longer their responsibility and your new unit shouldn't either as it happened in your previous duty station. If necessary, photograph the damage or whatever before you go. JUst remember DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING BEFORE YOU GO! No matter what excuse/reason they give you. Sign nothing. If they accuse you of causing damage then they must prove that you did.

DHE have no authority over you whatsoever.
They sent me a bill for £450 when I left the Army. The house was immaculate, better then when I marched in. I told them to ram it and they threatened all sorts of legal action. They eventually sent me a letter saying they'd approach the Army and that I would be disciplined. I sent them a letter telling them to do their worst. Nothing else was heard. Don't accept anything from them as the truth, they're thieving bastards!
Myself and the wife took great delight in marching out of my last quarter

When I say marching out I dont mean there was a proper inspection or anything

We just cleaned up and left, posted the keys throught the DHE's door
There is quite a bit of regional variation. I was with DHE Central and they were absolutely useless. One of the reasons was the idiotic arrangement with contractors - one lot to say that the garage door was broken, and another lot to replace it. They never spoke to each other. I moved northwards and found a far better standard of service, however there were still problems.

Never do a self-clean - pay the contract cleaner rate and let them sort the place out, as they'll always find something that requires professional cleaning.
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