DHE Selling Off Married Quarters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Percy, Jan 6, 2004.

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  1. I have recently moved into a MQ Estate to find that the DHE are selling off the quarters. There has been no consultation locally and the chain of command's view has been ignored.

    We are told that mixed (mil/civ) estates have been very successful. I am aware that the Army resists them on security grounds and that the estate at Bushy had a very trying period of vandalism/theft when a block of flats was sold to a housing association.

    The DHE has replied to us saying that they do not consult with families (this would seem to go against their charter). I suspect much has to do with finding in year savings as the letter states that they are looking to sell off 2,000 homes.

    Is there anyone else out there with a similar problem and does anyone have examples of the success or otherwise of mixing mil/civ on one estate?
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Try living in Gosport/ Rowner Estate in Hants. The burglers there will nick the food off your fork!

    The estate is split probably 40-60 military.
  3. In the days when Haslar had an A&E department the civilian inhabitants of Rowner gave rise to the medical notation 'NFG', or 'Normal for Gosport' a term used to describe a feral, vastly overweight, smelly, unintelligent, hypertensive slob with 6 fingers on each hand. I gather that now the NHS is running Haslar the use of the term has been outlawed.

    A few years ago a warehouse on a local industrial estate caught fire, and the inhabitants looted it before the fire brigade could get there.
  4. Yes DHE are selling off homes and it is done with advice from the chain of command (normally Garrison HQs.) Apparently about 15 of the DHE estate is not lived in and this is costing the MOD money which could be better used elsewhere.

    The tricky thing is for Garrisons to retain sufficient quarters in order to provide flexibility for retained quarters, additional units and those wanting quarters who are not stationed in the area but want to reside for personal reasons.

    With regards to mixed estates, I have no knowledge but suggest they should be avoided. Where possible I know that DHE try to sell quarters that avoid mixed estates.

    I believe we must retain at least 10% to give the flexibility that our profession requires of us. Once sold off, there is no getting them back !
  5. Ramillies thanks for your comments. I understand entirely the need to ensure that the estate is rationalised; it is the method that is irritating.

    You state that the chain of command is consulted. In our case the District HQ has been completely ignored. We also find evidence of collusion with a local Housing Agency who have given their tenants a months notice to quit on an adjacent estate. It would seem that commercial factors are riding roughshod over the support that the DHE should be giving to us. They also seem to be disingenuous with the truth when it comes to mixed housing estates; the DHE website quotes a 1996 report that states that there are no problems with mixed housing estates!!