DHE Customer Care Officer now Compliance Manager


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My utter disbelief in the DHE has fallen to an all time low. It turns out that our last “Customer Care Manager” has moved on – what a shame I cried – found out at last. The new bloke called by to introduce himself – good move thinks I – but spoilt it when he announced that he is now called the “COMPLIANCE MANAGER”. This begs the question – whose compliance is he supposed to manage? Recent evidence suggests that it is hardly likely to be that of the contractors who fail to deliver the goods. Which leaves me thinking that it is us, the poor b occupants, whose compliance is to be managed. …….
so he's now a compliance officer? Good. Ask him for a copy of the DHE risk register entries for your pad/patch, copy of their risk policy and business continuity oplan as relevant to the provision of your housing. That should start the cat amongst the penguins*. Also, get everyone else to do so too...

*Yes I know that but penguins are more interesting than pigeons...
The Compliance Manager is what was the assistant property manager until they where shit on from DE.

The compliance manager role started with and at the same time as that other fantastic service improvement called MHS.

They are there to ensure that the utter waste of money empolyed as MHS ae compliant with there contract. Which of fills 4 archive boxs.

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