DHE Burglaries

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by wetnumbereight, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. I want to rant about this .... so here goes! at the end of August 2007 I was burgled. Yeah I know that burglaries are common place in this day and age, however ..... I was burgled by 5 teenagers .... 2 of which live on the same DHE estate as me ..... both of whom I knew! And to add to this they came in twice in one night .... once when we were out and once whilst we slept in our bed!

    The worst thing is that even though they have been doing this accross the entire summer break the army refuse point blank to remove them from the estate! It disgusts me that they are still allowed to live here.

    One of them is being held in a young offenders institute in the west country, but after her court date there is nothing stopping her from returning to the estate! The other teenagers on the estate are terrified of her and she bullies them into behaving inappropriately. Their families officer "offered" them a housing moved which they declined! Grrrrr.

    The other is still on the estate and he is walking around bold as brass and is allowed to stay here!

    I find it disgusting. Combining this with the fact that they fused most of the street lighting on the estate which DHE are refusing to rectify and the fact that I have to live with the threat of them on my doorstep everyday I find disgusting.

    I have written a very strongly worded letter which has made it's way to Div Commander, Chief of Surrey Police and DCOS .... but to be honest I don't feel as if the good of our community is being taken into account and the message being passed out is loud and clear that the children on the estate can behave exactly as they wish.

    I was under the impression that under Military Law this was something that would have been taken very seriously .... obviously not!

    I can't sleep, I hardly eat, I am a nervous wreck and have to face the next 2 years at least living under this shadow!

    Any views ? Has anyone experienced the same thing?
  2. Are you a soldier?? Sort it out you big gay fairy! Are they soldiers kids?? Go round and sort it out with "dad". Stop whining like a little girl, and grow some hairy ones.
  3. It's nothing to do with military law. Criminal law, pure and simple. I hope you called the police. I know of another instance in England last year, a pad brat broke in and rifled a house and got arrested by civvy coppers for burglary. Still not sentenced, but I hope he goes to nick. :evil:
  4. Not a soldier ... am a wife and I'll show you how much of a hairy fairy you are you twat!

    If you didn't work that out from my rant then you really are not a shining military example are you!
  5. Wait for them with a bit of 2x4 and twat the little shits around the head only once but fcuking hard enough to be felt around the estate Then when the police arrive you feared for your life. And that is that.
  6. If you're the squaddie of the house, might be worth changing a few details in your post for persec reasons. If you're not, might still be worth doing so, to save your other half any grief.

    Otherwise I hope somebody on here is able to help you.
  7. I can't get over the fact that the army still house them when they have broken their tenancy agreement .... If I took in a paying lodger then we'd be out on our ear ... yet they are allowed to invade someones home and steal belongings without any military recourse!

    It's amazing ..... hope they get posted somewhere miserable !

    And I hope that they get sent down and get the sgite kicked out of them day after day!

    Not that I feel spiteful about it at all!
  8. Now Keefy ... that sounds like a plan ..... If I see the female she'd better hope she can run faster than me because I'll beat her till she stops breathing .... I told the Police that too! ooops
  9. Don't rely on the DHE to do anything. Knew of a problem in Tidworth where they were reluctant to do anything incase of "bad press". Any RMP able to shed some light? Have you had a word with the parents?
  10. hey Lobster ... thanks for heads up .... first posting .... all changed
  11. Nope, nothing to suggest you were a "wife of" at all. Although it does explain the whining :)

    Tenancy this, tenancy that..........pop round and see her old man. If he's a squaddie then he should sort it out.
  12. Yes, oops.... :roll:

    Theres lots you can do, none of it 'official' or even honest in some cases. You just need to have some imagination.
  13. Surely the regiment can do something? The families officer apply some pressure?
  14. I'm learning quickly that the DHE are about as much use as a chocolate kettle! It infuriates me .... but I'm fighting every step of the way with this one .... I haven't me with Parents .... but Hubbys path has crossed with one parent .... and the parent was quite sheepish

    I'm pushing to meet with CO's and Families officers to explain the situation and to also let them know that I will push this as far as I can ... even if that means pursuing a civil case against them!
  15. Can you prove that it was her that broke in?? If so why are you on here?? Why aren't the police involved, and not the RMP, the civil police?