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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stash1001, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Quick bit of advice - am due to march out of my quarter, first one! and like a tosser I have dropped a iron on the carpet in the spare room. its only lightly burnt and I have manged to scrape some of the burnt off but it looks like a iron shaped stain on the carpet now.

    Has anyone done similar before just want to know how much you got stung before DHE comes round to do there pre march out.

    Don't want to get ripped off baby's due in December and am learning there rather expensive!!
  2. It'll depend on how old the carpet is. The charge goes down the older it is. It really grips me having to pay up for carpets because no matter how much you're charged DE still won't replace it.
  3. DE won't replace it because they are legally obliged by the 2003 Bulshit Act to trot out the "there isn't a contract for carpets at the moment" line. If they bill you for the carpet, are you entitled to take the old one?

    Try and iron the whole carpet!
  4. kit insurance?

    Mine (towergate wilsons) pays out for such little mistakes. Still yet to use it mind, depending on the age of the carpet, will depend on the cost and even whether they'll bother to replace it.
  5. Use sandpaper/razor (gently) - it should remove the majority, if not all, of the burn.

    If you are billed then the carpet should be depreciated (straight-line) accordingly - this used to be over a period of 10 years (this may have changed) and so a 6 year old carpet would be charged at 40% of the replacement cost + fitting. The 10 year period has, I believe, changed, but in order to raise a bill the carpet must have been allocated a life-span - ask what this is and how the depreciation has been calculated, before you agree to pay any bill.

    The current price list for all DAS is detailed below - you will find the prices for carpets under the 'Bonar Price List' tab.

  6. I find that in cases like this, concentric circles of burns, organised in a pretty configuration and passed off as the design of the carpet works well. Try it.
  8. Have I been promoted?
  9. Nice one thanks for all your help I keep trying to get it out don't think ill get away with a iron pattened carpet though!!

    Cheers for the link pombsen ill have a look on the intaweb when am back at work to see the going rate for a carpet as it looks quite new. It can't be that much can it. It's only a small bedroom. I suppose there's always carpet right lol!!
  10. ultra cheap new carpet is the way to go if you're really worried, but the bill prob won't be too much :)
  11. If you can just move a bit of furniture over it, or if not possible try and stand on that spot.
  12. For furniture etc note that the last update was a year ago.
    Most SFA furniture is now bought from a selection of suppliers on a bidding basis for each order so the actual price paid varies.
    Should you get billed on vacation use that link as a guide as it does not guarantee the price you pay will be based on that published price. In addition in the current climate there will be changes afoot in the procedures coming in the not too far future.
  13. Shit on the carpet the opposite end of the room, they won't be looking at a burn I guarantee that!:)