DHE: are we better of with their allocation system

Are we better of under the present DHE MQ allocation system, which appears to be first come first served.


The old points system, of time in services added to rank = place in waiting list & quality & location of MQ.


Is your MQ better maintained under the DHE (I think I know the answer to this one, but you may know different).


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Many are of the view that the points system was unfair which I tend to agree with as it was biased against rank and service. Some may say that this is rightly so however it bred a culture that meant forms were submitted late and an expectation by those with the points which was at odds with those that did not have many.

The onus is now on the individual to ensure that they get their forms into DHE in order to secure the best quarter available. A more fairer system in my view.  :)

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