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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Ramillies, Apr 10, 2003.

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  1. I hope that any UWOs or wives with husbands away have approached their DHE staff for help in getting a contractor to do their gardens for them. If not - then go for it !
  2. You are joking I hope ???
  3. Having your fsq garden mown whilst the other half is away on ops is an entitlement - so save the fortnightly grind, get down to your local DHE office and ask for what you are entitled to.
  4. Lucy

    I think you will find they are right.  After a push from someone else on the patch, they did mine for Mrs Sub whilst I was away last time.  Kept a low profile when I came back and got it done twice more as well!!
  5. Wow - you learn something nre everydsay eh?
  6. And quite right to.

    We (and our agents DHE) have an obligation to our wives whilst husbands are away to ensure that DHE keep the gardens mown and hedges cut. It is the least they can do.
  7. I really don't see why mowing the lawn once a week or less is seen as such an onerous/impossible task for "wives".  Modern mowers (and hedge clippers), even the petrol variety, are not difficult to use.  Is it too cynical to suggest that men probably exaggerate how hard this task is to make themselves look more praiseworthy than they are?  Women quite often do the rest of the gardening anyway.
    If we're not expected to reallocate the domestic chores, why stop there?  What about car maintenance?  Shouldn't the DHE send someone round to cook "evening meal" for the husbands of female soldiers when they are away on tour?
    Surely there are more important things the money could be spent on - I'll happily mow my lawn (or pay for a gardener) if the DHE will put a shower in every quarter.  Plus I tend to do a better job than the contractor!
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I was deployed when the Mrs was 2 months pregnant. She asked for help to mow the lawn but was fobbed off by DHE.

    Low and behold the DHE contractor popped round after hearing the news and said he'd do it for a fiver every other week.....(and mow the lawn)......

    Mrs reported it to welfare officer who then kicked a bit of ass and it got sorted.

    Want to know which area then PM me for details.
  9. When i was in that situation, the lad's on rear party got given the job! Unfortunatly every time they came round i was in work, so ended up doing it myself anyway!! Nevermind, the thought was there.
  10. This old chestnut seems to have been around for a while. Does anyone know chapter and verse on what was called "headless Households" in BFG? DHE are meant to do a lot (eg redecorate/ new carpets and curtains), but keep whinging on about budgets. What ever happened to the charter?
  11. I'm away at the moment, wheni asked DHE to get my lawn cut i was told "We don't do that anymore contact your unit" Of course the Propman is going to fund my grass cutting! :?

    Anyway Mrs Dygbi needs to know how to start the mower anyhow.
  12. Ok then lets put some light on this subject. The DHE no longer cuts grass. No funds. However if one of my, 280, wives is pregnant :roll: I will find a way.
    As for anyone else, not a chance...
  13. I thought thats why we had kids...so they could mow the bleedin grass
  14. Save yourself the hassle and by a couple of goats. Keeps the grass short and the husband happy when i'm away! :D
  15. The grass cutting debate is good, however, the best one I have had to date is:
    'Is that the Fu**ing welfare office?'
    'Yes dear'
    'Well I got fu**ing flying ants in my house'
    'Never mind fu**ing Oww, you poof, what the fu** are yer guna do abaht it'
    (I write as it was said to give you a clear indication of what standard wife I was dealing with)
    'Where are they coming from?'
    'The fu**ing garden, where do ya fink?'
    'Shut the poxy door then Mrs. Smyth'