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  1. Sapta dhatus seven dhathus or tissues form human body. The sapta dhathus provide nourishment, growth and support to the body and mind. The seven dathus of saptha dhatus are studied properly before Ayurvedic Treatments:

    Rasa dhatu (plasma)
    Rasa dhathu is supported by Kapha. It is derived from digested food and nourishes the body. The nutrients need to reach each and every tissue of the body.

    Rakta dhatu (blood)
    Rakta dhathu or blood is supported by Pitta. It is the basis of life. It takes nourishment to all tissues and cells, give strength and color to the body.

    Mamsa dhatu (Muscle)
    Mamsa dhatu (muscles and tissue) is supported by Kapha. Its function is to provide physical support to the dhathu called meda.

    Meda dhatu (fat) also called medas or medhas
    Meda dhatu is supported by Kapha. Fat tissue or adipose tissue keeps fat as a means of body lubrication and a support to bones.

    Asthi dhatu (bone) also Asti, Ashti
    Asti dhatu is supported by Vayu. It includes all the bones and cartilages. Gives shape to the body and supports mamsa dhatu.

    Majja dhatu (bone marrow)
    Majja dhatu is supported by Kapha. Majja dhatu refers to bone marrow, the initial stage of blood cells.

    Shukla dhatu (reproductive tissue) also Sukra dhatu
    Sukra dhatu is supported by kapha. Helps in reproduction and also gives strength to body. It includes sperm and ovum.

    All the seven dhatus are well connected to each other. Damage of malformation of a dhatu can in turn affect all other dhatus.
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