DGMC - what do you think these letters really stand for?

Ah The Illustrious Dept that is supposed to be looking after the media affairs of the MoD. Now, given their poor performance to date, and their unstinting ability to leap from Frying Pan to Fire and in doing so ensuring National Embarassment at the most inopportune time - what do you think DGMC really stands for.

Answer on a postcard :- here's a few for starters

Dear God Macdowalls Crap

Daren't Get Media Credibility

Delivering Gash Media Constantly

Denying Good Men Careers

Doesn't Get Much Cushier

Damn Gay Mincing Civvies

Do Generals Masturbate Continuously?

Does Gordon Menace Children?
Trust the legal beagle to go gay early... <LOL>

Nice one Legal.... :cheers:
Dozy Gits Making Chaos :roll: This is the point where decorum disappeared...

Dong Gobble Makes Cum :wink:

Don't Grate My C0ck 8O

And with that "odious" link in mind, (LE, you're a complete arssehole! :lol: :lol: :p :roll: )............................

Don't Grab Much Cnut :(
Dirty Great Money Consumer

Drivel Getting Marketed Constantly

Delivering Gibberish Multimedia Content

Dangerous Grey Moron Corps

Daily Gross Maladministration Centre

Daknotweeds Getting Mepropellersinda Clyde
Bunch of Stalinist CĂșnts Who Will be First Against the Wall.

OK, doesn't really fit, but in a just and perfect world it would do.
DeGenerate Myopic Clowns

Defending Generally Maladminstered Causes

Denying Gallant Mistreated Casualties

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