DGEME rank

I hope you will forgive my ignorance but when I left te army many moons ago I deliberately avoided going back to reunions etc and did without the Craftsman etc so there are many gaps in my knowledge of the present structure of the Corps.
However when I left there was a Major General as DGEME. This does not appear to be the case now, when did the post become a Brigadier slot or have I missed some other aspect of Reorg in the last 13 years?
Professional head of OUR Corps is a Brigadier called DEME(A). Other senior REME Officers have gone on to better and higher things (Judd, Tyler, Jacques, Henderson etc) because they are extremely bright.

DEME(A) is now thought to be a shit job for some guy who is going nowhere. My first post said that all these jobs were once held in high esteem, now - I'm sorry to say - they are stepping stones to civvy street - how sad.
There have been a few Directors of Arms and Services appointed with some good years to go - if they rock to boat in favour of their parish they should be held up as being worthwhile regimental officers. Last DEME(A) was offered a "good" job in Glasgow as a reward. Getting unpleasant things done always take a good dose of diplomatic skills. In addition, I think that many of our senior officers think as pragmatic and practical engineering-types and forget to fight for the interests of their capbadge as well.
The main thing that I was interested in was when the Corps lost the post of a Major General as its head (DGEME) and went to a Brigadier as DEME(A).
It seemed strange that although the Corps still had such a large strength it should only merit a Brigadier at its head.
DEME(A) is the Head of the Corps, but we can still have Late REME Maj Gens in posts such as DGES(L) [Director General Eqpt Spt (Land)]

I think all Arms & Services Directors are Brigadiers, (DInf, DRAC etc.) so we all have an equal input (theoretically) at Army Board meetings etc.
Not so Nige, DGAMS is 2* and he answers to the Sturgeon General (aka "the Big Fish") who occupies a purple 3* post.
Rightful_King_of_Norway said:
REME also has Lt Gen Judd in post (a 3*) as Comd 4 Div.
He was Comd 4 Div as a 2* but got promoted to take over from Lt Gen Delves when he was injured in a road traffic accident.

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