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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by themaadone, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Can a mobile phone call be traced via telephone records upto a year after the call(s) were made?

    Does the information of where the phoenes logged into the providers net get stored (for police CPS etc use?).

    Any info greatly appreciated.
  2. whuffo you want to know??? 8)

    do i detect a guilty secret! :wink:
  3. I've read a few news articles recently where such mobile records have been used in court cases. Defendants have been shown to be near a certain back alley where Billyo the clown was mugged, and not at their sick dear aunty Ethell's house on Rockall Island as claimed. The base station that a number was subscribed to appears to be recorded (at least while the line is in use i.e call/message), although I have no idea how long for.

    I imagine it takes a bit of work though, and doubt the info is held for too long, maybe there's a statutory requirement?

    What have you done?
  4. 5 years...
  5. After 8 years working for Orange, can deffo tell you you can be tracked to within about 750 meters from the BTS, but the accuracy decreases in rural areas due to the 120 degree sector which you will be in.

    Hope that helps - we occasionally used it to track employees who were skiving off - used the business phone records - amazing how many times we got them bang to rights on the golf course!!! Naturally, the ppl concerned are no longer working....

    With regard to previous - the mobile is constantly reporting to the network, not every hour or so.
  6. http://www.verint.com/communications_interception/section2b.cfm?article_level2_category_id=7&article_level2a_id=198&article_level2b_id=523

    GSM can go down to 10m but is restricted for commercial use.
    Records are kept indefinately but all audio is captured and transcribed, audio files are then kept based upon rules defined. Pretty much all internet traffic is monitored and 3/4 of public GSM & SS7 is monitored. These days with EMC storage costing £5000 a TB and a 1min audio file being compressed to 40k it's easy to store.

    Sweet dreams.
  7. Dear me, you actually sound very proud and smug about that. Never ever skived in the forces did we?
  8. Thanks - all good news, have had a bit of bovver with the law regarding pesky calls from a mobile i have never owned (the number) and my defence could be that I was not any where near the position of the phone when the calls were made (for three calls I was in Germany and 2 I was in hospitals)....

    Tee hee, so it looks like they are going to get their man and it ain't me!!!
  9. Tell you what bud - the number of skiving sub-contractors we had made us do it. There's such a thing as kicking the arse out of things (am sure you'll remember - and there's always one who spoils it for the rest of the group, and this is what happened). Nothing smug about it at all - would rather we hadn't had to check up in the first place.
  10. I think this has already been said? The mobile can be interrogated by the police using software licenced to them, including getting into your phone pulling out info and locking it again so that you would not even know.

    I have seen a case where a drug dealer was switching sim cards over different phones... they traced each card for each phone for each call!

    He now in prison...
  11. Most police forces (and defence barristers) use one of a handful of companies that specialise in GSM forensic work to collect evidence and present it in court as 'expert witnesses'. The companies collect the evidence and liaise with the network providers to analyse data provided by them.

    The police should be able to eliminate you very easily - assuming you are innocent!
  12. oxygen phone manager forensic edition available free to download
    used because it reads info but does not alter it :D
    get it here
  13. Isn't the world an amazing place... technology is invented to help and promote a better life, but if you don't use it as big brother wants there is always a little back door to stitch you up.....
  14. ... also look up RFID... very interesting....