DFID in Iraq- On strike?

HectortheInspector said:
msr said:
I have seen at first hand the utter uselessness of DfID in Iraq...
I haven't, but the issue here is- Was it incompetence? or was it policy?

Will comment more fully later on. Wondered how long it was going to take before this subject got the airing in front of Chilcott.
Didn't they refuse to support in AFG also, and go so far as to instruct the army not to do any re-construction work? (washing machine debacle etc)
SkiCarver said:
Didn't they refuse to support in AFG also, and go so far as to instruct the army not to do any re-construction work? (washing machine debacle etc)
i believe, but standing bye to be sho(r)t down in flames.
Bit more to the washing machine debacle than publicised - essentialy putting the washing machine in would have put several elderly women who worked in the site out of a job, and also put the site security at risk (Taliban would see it as a legit target). Its been done a few times here, but on this occassion DFID did the right thing, despite how MOD saw it.

As for them more broadly, I'd suggest on my experience of them that they are keen (to the point of pious) at a worker bee level, better at mid seniority when they've calmed down a bit and realised that world poverty won't be solved by singing kumbayah on songsheets made from ethnically sourced macrame. They are atrocious at a senior level.

On the plus side the rise of DFID has meant a new meaning to the phrase "course idiot" - nowadays on a joint departmental course, if you don't know who the DFID rep is by Day 2, then people are assuming its you :)
buttonsin3s said:
Spanner said:
One name stands out.....Clare Short.......!

suprise suprise :evil:
Disagree to an extent, but only in relation to the fact that Clare Short was availed of the facts, but was unable to influence the bigger picture.

For those who wonder at what impact Clare Short's resignation had - read on...

The impact of Clare Short's resignation on those of us tasked in this area, was immediate and to the detriment of the Iraqi people. Specifically, those of us close to this watched the handful of DfID staff attached to 1 (UK) Div go into a "work to rule" mode that would have been comedic, were it not for the critical nature of the workloads involved.

Jim - that is sooooo true in relation to "How do you spot the DfID on the course?" :D :D :D

Had a brilliant interaction with a "candidate" about two years ago, and his memorable comment was along the lines of; "We've been advised not to say that we work with DfID, as it's a bit embarrassing", when we were doing the student intro thing. :) My "advice" was for him to say that he was from them in future. So should a twenty-something junior CS get his lights put out for walting as a member of the 'ereford mafia at some stage in the near future, I'm sorry.

Okay, I'm not. :D

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