DFA Survey of Lateral Transfers to ADF

Dear all

The questionnaire / survey is ready and our the DFA website home page. The only problem is that the website designers got the name wrong so it is called DFA recruit survey....but if as many of you who are already in Australia could fill it out PLEASE.


OK, festive season is over but you now have to find something to fill in the time before Australia Day.

PLEASE PLEASE could you spend 30 mins or so filling in the Lateral Recruit survey* on the DFA website


Or if you have already done it emailing the link onto as many laterals as you know...including Navy and RAAF

Thank you


*as you possibly know there was a slight hic-up with the web designer and it is actually label is Recruit Survey :roll:
Ok I have had 70 reponses to the (lateral) Recruit Survey on the DFA website and the replies are GREAT but I need MORE.....if you have not already done it please got to www.dfa.org.au and do it,
if you have done it THANK YOU but please pass it on to other laterals and get them to do it. The more results the more ammo. I have to get things changed!

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