Dewi Sant

CATGI said:
Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus !
Rough translation: "Daft git diddles puppies" which was a main headline in Cardiff this morning me thinks.
Not a Happy St Davids Day thing?

After yesterdays FCUKUP in paris St davids day in this house is cancelled.
Ashamed to be Welsh.
Stuff your leek up your arrse and daffodil up your nose.
On the other hand.

What is a "Welsh Rarebit".

Answer: A cardiff virgin.

OR to be non sexist: a nice boy who has been NON FISTED at barrymores party.
Failed badly, never mind, £50.000 in the bank. Who gives a fcuk!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do need to try and -play rugby in paris?
answer = NO, just ponce around the park. Its the frenchies turn to win so fcuk you sheep shaggers.
For those confused.

No i'm not angry about the welsh team losing in paris.

At 10pm (2200hrs) sat 28 feb I could have killed someone.
If I was in afgan= god help.
Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus !

To be born in Wales,

Not with a silver spoon in your mouth,

But, with music in your blood

And with poetry in your soul,

Is a privilege indeed.
Loved the jokes!

I am so pleased to have had a happy St David's Day - albeit in the City of London..

For the blessed, but unfortunate, non-Welsh - be happy, be healthy and be sad - not everyone can be personally touched with Grace and be: WELSH.

(If you are lucky and good looking enough - make an application!)

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