DEWAMPT - where are the Ps?

I am very conscious of the OPSEC issue here so could you please cast your experienced eye over this and rule.

We hear of the amounts of ammunition being fired, the claimed and proven numbers of insurgent dead and see helmet camera evidence of the foot patrols on the ground but nothing of the Ps in DEWARMPT.

Is this because there aren't any? It'd seem logical that there are - and the trusty SOHB gives a figure for what they should be, and if there are where are they going? But if not, why not and is this something we may need to be very worried about.
the "P's" are taken away by Air America to "hotels" in Romania and Cairo before spending a few hours on the tarmac at Shannon before their onward journey to "La Hotel de Surprise" in Cuba where they get a full spa treatment (or is that treated like spas?) and a full body make-over.
I am sure that the British Soldiers high standard of accuracy with a weapon means each target is killed cleanly and quickly or am I getting confused with the MET police?

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