Dew Harvesting

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CutLunchCommando, Nov 29, 2007.

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    I noticed this the other day and got to wondering whether this could be useful in the "Platoon House" scenario in Afghanistan.
    Obviously its not tactical in the least but as far as I can make out the location of the platoon houses isnt either so stinking one or two up won't give the game away.
    It could I suppose also be a useful source of shade (cover from view?) later in the day but not having to expose troops to forage for water so often seems advantageous.
  2. I've actually seen the great long nets in Chile where they 'harvest' the fog coming off the sea in the mornings. It supports subsistence farming in areas where nothing grows naturally.

    If this thing works as well as the inventors say (20 litres of water from a 10m square panel in a day), I too could see the attractions.

    However, I wouldn't fancy relying solely on one but would use it to supplement local sources.

    In those places where it's hairy enough to warrant using one, would it not quickly become a target to drive the infidels out of their safe loc?

    Just wondering...
  3. Simple enough. If you don't want the taliban to spank it then paint it in the Saudi flag! They'd never hit it then!

    Jobs a good'un!
  4. surely you could make one of those out of a shelter sheet and a water jerry can?
  5. I saw it done on TV by some Chillean soldiers. Did it with a poncho, and also did one where it goes over a bush? And they pissed in a hole and got water that way as well... Sort of like a solar still.

    All very hard core!
  6. Fman. Agree with you on the first one.

    Regarding your second point I assumed that if they were close enough to shoot at the Dew Harvester then they'd be close enough to be shooting at the Pl house/troops anyway. On the other hand if it draws fire from the troops maybe thats an advantage in itself.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps you could buy one, address it to a squaddie in a godforsaken corner of Afghanistan and ask him to test it for you...

  8. Not without warning him first! Can you imagine how gutted you'd be getting a care package that big and then seeing what was inside?

    However apparently you can buy similar kit already. LINK
  9. My exe's husband (surprisingly we're mates) works for a firm that manufacture/market similar devices. I know they have a MOD contract firmily in their sights at the moment.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I made one using a poncho and a water bottle out at Wainwright and it worked although the effect was spoiled slightly by a sudden rainstorm. I was told how to by an old Rhodesian!