When I was a young siggie in the RCZ, I came across my first "devo" in the Colonel after swilling down a quantity of lagers that would kill at least 3 civies.

Having read some of the "now thats what I call a naafi bar" there seems to be a few knocking around this site.

What I want to get to is how depraved and how base a thread can get when class 1 deviants do thier best to out do each other.... the best I heard and it was a show stopper that topped the regular devos is as follows.. A Jock lad broke into a tale that he experienced before he joined up.....

"Hah, thats nothing. When I was a wee lad in Glasgee, I was indulging myself with me ma's (apologies for the real bad scottish accent in type) black tights. Just as the vinegar stroke approached I heard an almighty crash as my window was put in and the next thing I knew, cold air hit my arse as I was being lifted from my bed and being carried down a ladder by a man in a yellow helmet. The enormity of what just happened did not hit me till I was placed on my (nylon covered) feet on a wet pavement, standing in a semi circle around the ladder was my neigbours, family and fire crew. To the sound of "ya dirty wee basta" I ran for cover with me ma chasing me down the street as the chip pan fire raged in the kitchen slowly being tackled by the now in stitches fire crew."

The man went on to be a social worker 8O

Although this was not bettered by the deviant community that was drinking that night, most of the die hards tried thier best to top the story.... anyone care to comment ?
I am sure I could come ( :roll: ) up with a story of greater deviancy but in no way can I top the manner of the wee keelie's discovery! Being caught having a five fingered shuffle by a Brigadier is merely common-place judging by some of these posts as is having a lazy wink into the then DADWRAC's gonk-bag for a bet... 8)
Just read some of LJH's posts regarding his life-
I thought this thread was about the rock band!!!!!!!!!
Poppy said:
I thought this thread was about the rock band!!!!!!!!!
Me too. And I just had "Are We Not Men?" cued up on the iTunes...
Poppy said:
I thought this thread was about the rock band!!!!!!!!!
So did I. but deviants they were. "Crack that whip!"

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