Devils with Wings: Silk Drop: The Green Devils' Invasion of Crete Book Signing Dates


Author Harvey Black will be signing copies of his new book at Waterstones throughout the south on the run up to Christmas.This exciting fictionalised retelling of the invasion of Crete is written by an author with extensive experience in army intelligence.
It’s the follow up to Devils With Wings, and continues the wartime adventures of Fallschirmjager paratrooper Paul Brand and his Feldwebel Max Grun.

On a high after their successful subjugation of Fort Eben Emael, Paul Brand, now in command of his own company, and Feldwebel Max Grun, are parachuted into Greece to help capture the bridge spanning the Corinth Canal.

Tough times are ahead when the German High Command decide to invade the Island of Crete. This will be the first ever airborne invasion in military history. The Fallschirmjager, supported by the famous Gebirgsjager mountain troops, are up against 40,000 allied soldiers – who will fight to the bitter end to protect Crete.

Operating behind enemy lines, Paul Brand and Max Grun will face challenges that not only tests their fortitude but strains the close bond between them.

Silk Drop is a thrilling sequel to Devils With Wings and is based on a factual episode.

A qualified parachutist, Harvey served with British Army Intelligence for over ten years. His experience ranges from covert surveillance in Northern Ireland to operating in Communist East Berlin during the cold war, where he feared for his life after being dragged from his car and attacked by Russian KGB soldiers.
Since then he has lived a more sedate life in the private sector as a Director for an International Company, but now enjoys the pleasures of writing. Harvey is married with four children.

Book signings:
3rd December, Waterstones Southampton. 1100 - 1530
17th December, Waterstones Poole. 1100 - 1530
22nd December, Watersones Portsmouth. 1100 - 1530

You can follow Harvey on Face Book and Twitter and Harveys website can be found here Harvey Black


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Book signing at Waterstones Southampton on Saturday was a roaring success, even cleared out my tin of Cadbury's Heroes! My next book signing is on Friday 9/12 in Waterstones Basingstoke, followed by Winchester on Saturday 10/12.
Be great if you could pop in for a chat. HB

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