Devils Porridge , the greatest munitions factory on earth

This must be the longest and greatest factory ever built, stretching over nine miles from the outskirts of Annan across the border to Longtown.

Over 30,000 men and women worked in this massive factory producing 1,000 tonnes of nitro-glycerine and nitro-cotton (or cordite as it was known) per week

The name 'Devils Porridge' was given to this explosive paste after a visit from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1918.
The cordite was shaped into lengths of "rope" and placed into shells and bullets.

Walking through the museum you are told the story of these brave munitions girls, their work and their social life through sight and sound.

You can also hear how the Irish built the factory and drank all the local towns dry from Carlisle to Annan... you can even check and see if one of your relatives worked in the factory.

Some of the original tubs for mixing the 'porridge' still sit on the production line, which brings the factory process alive, and three impressive painting and sculptures help to recreate the atmosphere of the time.
I actually work on the site of one of the other factories. Squaddies like me, who used the SLR, will remember the words 'Regent - Linlithgow' stamped on the bottom of the cartridges. They pulled the factory down but have a shopping centre on the site. I'm fortunate that Tesco's allow me to stack their shelves.
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