Devils Guard

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by foxs_marine, May 12, 2008.

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  1. I found my old p'back copy in my Mum's attic. It's approx. 20 years old, but intact - free to a good home. PM if you're interested.

  2. Have you seen the second hand price?

    Auction it.
  3. I agree with putteesinmyhands, you should try and auction it, should worth something.

    Just finished reading it, a very old copy from 1972, but don't think I want to auction in just yet.. :wink:

    ...good read, there is a lot of controversy surrounding it, regarding to whether there actually was a battalion of Germans in the 'Legion Etrange'.

  4. There is no controversy. The battalion simply did not exist. There were of course Germans in the Legion but never in their own units. Officers were with a few exceptions all French. I have read many books on the Legion (such as Douglas Porch's mammoth history) and the Indochina War (such as those by Bernard Fall and Martin Windrow) and this notional German battalion is not mentioned. Fall points out in one of his books that a the amount of ex Wehrmacht and SS soldiers in the Legion was exaggerated by the Commies for propaganda purposes.
  5. Much like the Feather Men and Bravo Two Zero. Fiction but a damn good read
  6. Bloody good book though.
  7. I wish you'd found it last October before I forked out £50 for a copy! :x
  8. My copy got water damaged and thrown out :cry:
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    ISTR that it wasn't a German Bn, just a lot of Germans that got lumped in together.
  10. In the book (I have it in .pdf format) the unit is totally German, officers, the lot. They basically simply move from the SS to the Legion. In reality anyone joining the Legion did/does join as a private, no matter what their rank in a previous army, and has to go through basic training, though they might be promoted quickly afterwards. The book skims through this very quickly.Officers are French or at the very least French citizens. There may have been some Waffen-SS ex-rankers in the Legion, but ex-officers... hard to believe.

    A lot of other stuff defies belief too. In the beginning the SS unit (with AA and anti-tank guns! In a "partisan-hunting unit"?) is simply sitting guarding a pass. This is in April/May 1945 when the Germans were throwing in everyone in desperate attempt to stop the Russians. Surely such a well-equipped unit would be on the front line? There was no such thing as keeping a reserve by this stage. I could go on and on... the escape from the Russians, the Americans letting them go. It's simply war porn and not even particularly good war porn at that.
  11. Hi Baboon6, any chance of a knock off of your pdf copy mate?
  12. I had the set of these. I thought that they were a good light read, especially the first ones, but nothing exceptional. The developed into fantasy with pilotless drones dropping bombs and never getting any new recruits. As for £320 on amazon - a fool and his money......
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Hmmm, I fear your devils guard in't the same as his devils guard..
  14. Fictional maybe but a good read by a good story teller 30 years ago
  15. It sounded the same. Had a bloke with only one bollock as the main character and EMHO and was written by Elford.

    I could be wrong though. The series went on for about half a dozen books.