Device found at Miami Airport!

Security alert at Miami airport

Miami's main airport terminal has been evacuated after authorities found what they described as "a possible explosive device".
The device was found during luggage screening on the air terminal's F concourse, said airport spokesman Greg Chin, reported by AP news agency.

Airport staff including baggage handlers and passengers have been told to leave the terminal.

The terminal serves United Airlines domestic and international flights.
The last time I went through Miami I was a walking time bomb after twelve hours with no cigarette. I lit the fuse on one to calm myself down only to be threatened with a $500 dollar spot fine from one of the buxom wenches they employed to kick-start the Jumbos. That was the only time I finished an entire fag in two drags.
another ' personal vibration device' hidden in a stuffed Teddy Bear, then, was it?

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