Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Big_Rob, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Do you recon porn is breeding a generation of deviants? personally Its had an influence on my sexual habits, for example licking out a chicks ringer, ass to mouth, spray and pray etc etc.

    So is porn a bad thing?
  2. One definatley does get de-sensitised to it when i were a lad finding a discarded copy of fiesta would keep you in fap fodder for months, now i need to see fisting,watersports and trannies to even raise a flicker in my old chap
  3. oh of course, watching pornography is the cause of all sexual deviancy, one cannot help oneself but indulge in demeaning and unhygienic practices once one has been exposed to images of such acts, since one cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

    bad people do bad things, as has always been the case. watching pornography does not make you respect your other half less or engage in unsafe acts, in much the same way as playing GTA4 does not make you go out carjacking and beating prostitutes to death to recover their fee, or watching spiderman 3 does not make you go dress up in blue and red and fight crime.

    if you or someone you know are having problems theres people you can talk to; but the first thing to accept is that it is you, and not any form of media, that is responsible for your actions.
  4. It can offer a useful 'how-to' guide for the unimaginative pervert, or one with learning difficulties who can understand pictures but not verbal instructions.
  5. I thought I was the only one who got involved in a bit of tranny porn, you cant beat the brazilians on that front, they breed some lovely shims.
  6. Of course,there was time when the Freemans catalogue was the height of pornographic literature for some of us.
  7. I remember them days, taking it to the toilet looking for the slightest bit of gash peeking through the knickers. Memorys.


    This naafi is dead, guys would rather talk about gordon browns missing eye ball.
  8. You have a point. It takes a female smeared in excrement or a prolasped rectum to even get the blood pumping now-a-days.
  9. Yes it bloody does- before the age of 15 young minds are hugely impressionable regards what they see, as a medical fact. kids playing gt3 san andreas, being exposed to the wrong kinds of music - all these things need to be age controlled, for real.

    Im off to surf for Mary whitehouse porn.
  10. Oh yes, I remember it well.