Development in Stephen Lawrence case

Stephen Lawrence inquiry: CCTV appeal for 'V' jacket man - BBC News

Doesn't this mean that for 23 years Met has known that the person wearing the "Distinctive jacket" was NOT Gary Dobson ?

Perhaps they didn't tell Det sgt Davidson when, in response to Mandela political pressure solicited by Lee Jasper and the Lawrences, he led the team who arrested Dobson and seized a "Distinctive jacket" from his cupboard. Det sgt Davidson told Gary's mother that the amount of house dust on the jacket ruled it out as being present in Well hall Road two weeks earlier.

The details of Davidson's disciplinary two years later (moonlight bodyguarding on plod time and falsifying met duty records) do not make clear how long this moonlighting occurred. But I imagine if the disciplinary had been disclosed to defences at Lawrence private prosecution 96 or CPS prosecution 2012 that Met would have faced an uphill struggle to prove team leader Davidson was at the nick when the defence house dust evidence was brushed off the distinctive jacket that Met knew was NOT the one seen by witnesses near murder scene all along. But kept schtum 23 years ..... till CPS write asking about the evidence handling of Gary Dobson's jacket.

Head of Organised Crime at CPS a few weeks ago explained to DD that police had not told them so they were unable to obey law of adverse disclosure at 2012 prosecution. The senior CPS man then wrote to National Crime Agency re house dust, jacket, moonlighting and failures to disclose. I of course pointed out that CPS employed a man who did know. Mike Fuller ex Kent Chief constable !

I have to smile that Driscoll the tec who cracked the Lawrence case (MY arse) was recently involving himself in matters Kent (oh oh) namely snuff child chases at Cuxton. DD has much sympathy for the Kent Plod position that people should not misconstrue what Mr Driscoll says as the truth. You couldn't write it as fiction. In short Kent Police called the detective. who claimed to solve Lawrence Decd, a liar.

As you know a demoted met sgt admitted unsealing and tampering with evidence but was excused giving evidence or facing cross examination at the 2012 trial cos diddums thought the shame would make him suicidal (You did know that ?)

One to watch.
There are threads about this already.
He is totally sane you know....

For a swivel eyed conspiraloon.

Go on, debate the S.S.Richard Montgomery with him as he tells you, an expert on bangy stuff how wrong you are.
I used to have a distinctive jacket......... bought it in a charity shop for a quid.

Wore it at New Year and fancy dress parties.

Well bugger me, I spotted it on an old Top of the Pops, last year.

It's the one worn by the bass player on the left........ how many people can brag they've owned a jacket fingered by Jimmy Saville.......

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Will you please, for the love of god and all that is holy, FCUK OFF!

Or if you are going to post continuous dribble, at least continue to contribute to the debate - defend your point of view, answer questions. At the moment, you are a waste of time. No one takes you remotely seriously, no one cares about your obsession with fcuking Kent police.
He is totally sane you know....

For a swivel eyed conspiraloon.

Go on, debate the S.S.Richard Montgomery with him as he tells you, an expert on bangy stuff how wrong you are.
In fairness to him, his posts make more sense than Bugsy's.


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He's not as funny as Mk4 No 1
Kent Police refused to interview the iceberg that sank the Titanic on account of it being a Freemason. Fact.
Utter bastards.

I phoned 999 last night because my sky box went funny - would they send someone out - of course not. Lazy incompetent bastards.
He's not as mental as Mk4 No 1
we need a poll, which arrser is nutter than a squirrel turd in the KP factory

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