Developing leadership skills.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by HH_2, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions about things you can do to improve leadership skills/confidence etc whilst at university which don't involve the OTC. Perhaps it is the case that the easiest way to get such experience is OTC because of the opportunities it offers with adv. training etc, it's just that OTC would be hard for me to commit to with sport (evenings and summer camps etc would be ok, but weekends would be a struggle with training and competition) and uni and so on, and I was looking to see if there are any viable alternatives.

  2. If your into the sports just work up friendships with the higher level guys in socities and take up the more commanding positions the year after when the senior members leave.
    In a smallish society of 30 members, you then have people you have to improve, order, select etc........basic leadership, but leadership nonetheless?

    Signing up atm so maybe i have it wrong, but is what i tried to do somewhat at uni. Hope that helps.

    P.s. That method is somewhat time dependent, since your waiting for the current society board to bugger off.
  3. Speak to the OTC, they may be quite accomodating. Esp if you are sportsman and you wish to enlist later.
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  5. Is there a TA unit near you? The good thing about joining the TA as a younger recruit is that you wil gain more confidence and leadership skills from being around older people rather than 18-21 undergraduates such as yourself. If you join the regs as an officer, a lot of the people you will be leading will be a hell of a lot older than you, the TA will give you a good solid grounding in a more army like environment. Tbh OTC is not really worth your time if you are serious about the army mate.
  6. Developing Leadership skills is about experience, personality, and situational awareness (among many other things). You will have no chance of improving your leadership qualities if you don’t practice them with your peer group in different situations (They don’t have to be demanding situations, just something were you can lead, guide or communicate with a group)

    Being a Leader is not about being a good manager (which can be learned quite easily if you put your mind to it). If I was to pick one good area where you could develop leadership skills it would be in the outward bounds area, mountain walking, sailing or anything involving a group.

    Also find someone whom you respect and can see leadership skills in, take what you need and develop your own leadership style. You don’t need to be Richard Sharp, just someone others respect for your own values and standards (which should be set high)
  7. ?? Was he a famous military leader?
  8. Dunno but he looks like the bloke from Lord of the Rings, the gamekeeper from lady Chatterley's Lover and an IRA bloke from Patriot Games.