Developing heaves - NEED HELP!!!

Guys, I'm 16 and am going to Lichfield for selection. I've got an 11:25 run time and good at sit ups. My selection is sometime before the 15th and I can only just do one heave, BARELY. Please give me tips on how to develop them fast. Also press ups but they're improving. I do negative heaves but they don't seem to do much. Thanks in advance. (Also anyone going to lichfield at the same time as me, lets talk - get the upper hand for the icebreaker!
do bicep curls with weights, lateral raises, and press ups ... and lots of them.
you'll be fine mate. i could just and i mean just do 3 or 4 . so like the other guy said just keep tryin. get a bar from argos. i did and cos its in the doorway you end up doin them everytime you walk through the door lol. can do about 7 or 8 now.
Yup, pull ups are palms facing, usually narrow-ish grip, where as heaves are overhand shoulder width.

If you have a gym membership then get on the pull down machine, and do the same movement! Build up the weight, alongside doing heaves (partials or negatives if you can't do full ones), until you can do them.

FWIW Heaves primarily tax your latissimus dorsi muscle, so curls, lateral raises etc won't do it for you, it will have to be back work! should help..


Ah right, just another name for wide grip pull ups then.

Yea as Shortty says get back work moving since there very much dominant on the upper back. You probably shouldn't do anything for a couple of days previous either with respect to them, give the muscles time to heal so you can destroy the test.
When I first started on the chin-ups it was tough. What helped for me was to go to the gym and start on the chin up bar. I would look to do 3 sets of 8. At first, I could do just 2 or 3 - at which point i'd go and 'finish off' the set on the lat pull down machine. Quite quickly i noticed the number of chin ups i was performing increased and the number of lat pull-downs decreased.

Another good idea is to go with a mate. Do as many as you can in your set unaided - have him stand by to spot you, grabbing your hips and pushing upwards slightly as you need it (homoerotic? possibly - but it works and you'll be doing 4 sets of 10 within 3 months or so)

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