Developing and selling a new weapon system to our soldiers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by IndependentBoffin, May 29, 2010.

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  1. Hello all,

    Based on the Force Recon document Enemy TTP and After Action Review which says:
    I decided to develop a new, lightweight, dirt cheap and very effective explosive weapon for our soldiers. I have thus recently patented a new high explosive man-portable weapon system to directly compete with the UGL and LASM.

    Some key points:

    My system:
    1. Payload: ~120g HE, or thermobaric (in fact the thermobaric warhead will work out to be lighter per shot, due to the lower density of the fuel compared to HE)
    2. Cost per shot: £100 - 200 (estimated, highly dependent on scale. Initial test rounds would be machined and therefore labour intensive. Later production rounds would be cast and therefore cheaper)
    3. Mass per shot: 300g
    4. Empty weight: 250g
    5. Rate of fire: Estimated up to 16/minute
    6. HE on target/min: 1920g/min
    7. Effective range: 150m (will require testing and user experience - it is an iron-sighted weapon)
    8. Maximum range: 1km

    Additional notes: Munition is insensitive; the most shock-sensitive parts of it are probably the detonator and HE warhead, the latter of which can be fairly insensitive for military PBX explosives. Hence no more sensitive than existing munitions they carry. It packs well. Each round assembles from 11 simple consumable parts, and 3 reusable parts. Sizing & stress calculations, materials selection and manufacture route have already been done by me, and engineering drawings are ready to go :D

    40x46mm UGL:
    1. Payload: ~45g HE
    2. Cost per shot: Unknown
    3. Mass per shot: 240g
    4. Empty weight: 1.36kg (M203) or 1.5kg (AG36)
    5. Rate of fire: 5 - 7 rounds/min
    6. HE on target/min: 315g/min
    7. Effective range: 150m
    8. Maximum range: 400m
    References: M203 wiki and AG36 wiki

    1. Payload: 1kg enhanced blast
    2. Cost per shot: Unknown, estimated to be £1-3k based on being an advanced version of the venerable M72 LAW
    3. Mass per shot: 4.3kg
    4. Empty weight: 2.5kg (based on M72 LAW)
    5. Rate of fire: 1 round/min
    6. HE on target/min: 1000g/min
    7. Effective range: 200m
    8. Maximum range: 500m
    References: UK MoD, Wikipedia and here.

    The problems at the moment I'm having are really to do with licensing legalities. Obviously everything is to be done 100% legal and above board. I've been in contact with my local explosives liaison police officer and am told I will need an explosives and prohibited weapon licence to develop this weapon.

    I don't have any practical experience in explosives so I don't know what the likelihood of my explosives licence application succeeding will be, even though the munition contains well-behaved energetics. Obviously we don't want soldiers walking around with sensitive ordnance! :) The only things I have going for me in my application are my clean criminal record and no affiliation with any dodgy organisation :D

    I also don't have access to a large piece of land suitable for testing ordnance, and my personal savings are quite limited since being independent for 16 months now, and paying patent attorneys for 2 patents (I've since drafted and filed 2 more on my own DIY to save money).

    Anyway, if someone here happens to has access to funding, an explosives licence, prohibited weapons licence, a large piece of land suitable for testing ordnance, or any skill you think might be relevant (legal advice/contacts, explosives casting, ordnance development & testing, etc.), and wants to get involved, please let me know. E.g. Some machinists on this board have already given me a ping and I am keeping their details for later when I will need them.

    I am looking for partners to develop and sell this weapon and share the risk/profits, or people who just want to subcontract a task in this weapon's production and be paid for the work.
  2. I see you are still delusional

    Can I suggest you "invent" the next Hesco
  3. No point in having a max range of 1km if you're only having iron sights.
  4. Have you called BAe?
  5. Somebody did (well an alternative), i have seen it and on my DSO course we breached it with a fair bit of PE. :twisted:
  6. IB, check your PMs
  7. Indeed I've been thinking about cutting down the size of the propellant charge, and either making the weapon smaller/lighter or have a larger payload.

    However given the ROF it may be useful as a spamming weapon at those distances.
  8. Companies with explosives testing capability charge an arm and a leg to do such tests on, given the de facto monopoly they have over it as the field is so difficult for new entrants (e.g. Blastech charge £1k per pop for a 1kg PE for test). Legal issues aside I could probably arrange to do those tests myself for a fraction of the price. If they take private individuals seriously at all. Most of the time I haven't had any responses from explosives test companies for price estimates for research proposals.

    Also I am averse to having black boxes in what will be an invention of mine. E.g. if I subcontract the warhead development and supply to a company what happens if they raise their prices, go bust, etc.
  9. You have appeared to have missed out the old 51mm mortar and the new 60mm mortar from your list.
  10. I thought the 51mm/60mm mortars weren't suitable for equipping every single infantryman, and take time to set-up & aim? Also until your mortar rounds start landing close to enemy positions, won't they keep on harassing you with fire?

    This weapon is pretty much a direct fire, point-and-shoot weapon of the same function as the UGL or LASM.
  11. UGL and LASM have very different battlefield roles. How is your weapon going to fit into the infantry paradigm?
  12. Just use a couple of pished up Jocks with lump hammers.
  13. The benefits I see are:

    1. It is so cheap and light that every soldier can have it. Indeed it was my intention that the weapon become ubiquitous. Mr. Taliban will have a nasty surprise when they try to ambush a thusly equipped patrol, and get explosive spammed back :D

    2. It would give soldiers a quick response, high ROF, direct fire explosive weapon, suitable for pointing in the general direction of enemy forces and letting rip. I think it would be best used as high volume counterfire against an ambush, to regain the initiative and disperse/demoralise/degrade hostile forces. Once most of the rounds are spent, the soldiers will then be fighting light.

    3. It sounds like locating and gunning down enemy personnel in ambushes is difficult with small arms, hence why I thought the area-of-effect benefits of HE/thermobarics comes in. Even the UGL has a relatively small kill radius with its 45g HE warhead.

    4. I see the weapon to be superior to the UGL in every way, perhaps with the possible exception of first shot accuracy (tests will tell, accuracy is something that is very difficult to calculate). The LASM would have a larger payload and slightly better effective range but area saturation with explosives to kill the enemy is more efficiently done with many smaller submunitions, than a single large one (c.f. cluster bombs right up to MIRV nukes, vs. unitary warheads), due to the inverse squared decay of blast waves.

    5. A single LASM rocket may be sufficient to destroy a bunker or small building, but a similar effect can be cumulatively achieved by a section of soldiers focus firing on the same target.

    Of course I have no practical soldiering experience either so I would welcome any input from people who've been there and done that.
  14. What exactly will your weapon look like? Will it be underslung or a separate M79-style weapon? Or a LASM-style missile? I notice that it's only going to weigh a quarter of a kilo empty too :? You've got 120g of HE in a 300g munition; a greater percentage than UGL; what kind of fuze are you using?

    And when you say "fighting light", you mean that when the soldiers have been ambushed and have fired off all of their bomblet things, they're then only carrying the 40-50kg of ammunition, water, armour etc per man they have already?
  15. Every way but one, it doesn't actually exist whereas the UGL most certainly does.

    You sheep's cunt.