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Deutschland 83...

First episode of D86 screened on More4 last night; action shifted to Zuid Afrika, but the main characters still in evidence, and the show as good as the previous D83.


D83 is available on Amazon Prime at the moment.


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But when's 89 coming out?!?
On-demand or live-to-air?

Deutschland 83

They've also started putting filums on their normal drama pages, 28 day life or similar.
Damn fine Music
Damn fine times as you may remember....or not...if you were at the 3 day disco over Chrimbo...
Series on ALL 4 (Fridays at 2100 hours), (also on catch up) at the moment called 'THE SAME SKY', about the DDR trying to infiltrate the UK/US Spy Station in West Berlin in the 1970's/80's.

The Old & Bold who served there may recognized some of the sites.

Loads of uniform and other mistakes.

I let you look out for them.

Some of the 'Armchair Warriors' will be pulling thier hair out, shouting at the TV and screwing up the newspaper, (or is that just me).

Series has the blond hair bird who played the Swedish Detective in 'THE BRIDGE' which was also shown on ALL 4, (so not all bad then).

Brotherton Lad

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If I had joined up, when I should’ve done - in the mid to late 80s - I might just have caught the tail end of that.

One of my biggest regrets is not going AWOL from Staff College in Nov 1989. I just knew I was missing the best 3 day party ever in Berlin as the Wall came down.