Deutsche Telekom / TDSL help!


Here's the gig..

I have a TDSL line into Haus Steiner which goes from the wall to a splitter via a DT conn to RJ11.

On the bottom of the splitter is a cable RJ11 to RJ11 which connects the router (A T-Com Speedport W 700V). No problems there.

The front of the splitter has the usual 3 DT sockets, the middle one being the phone as per. Trouble is, I've got no tone.

I'm fairly certain that the bank of jumper ports directly underneath need to be set up correctly in order to phone but can't find any info on which pairs need to be jumpered.

DT keep giving me the run-around so any advice would be gratefully rx'd.



You need to connect your Router to the RJ-45 on the bottom of the splitter, not the RJ-11. You'll probably need a special cable, RJ-11 to RJ-45, which you can get in MediaMarkt.

And a German Router! UK Routers aren't the same spec as Brit ones. My faithful D-Link, which has served me well in the UK, Spain and France wouldn't play here in Deutschland, no matter what firmware I put in it...

Hope that helps!

Have you had the internet at your gaff prior to starting on this one. I moved into our gaff and they said, oh yes the internet will be turned on, on friday. The day arrived and you guessed it, no internet. :frustrated: After Frau ACC popped to shop they said the line wasn't able to hold BB. They would send out an engineer in 4 weeks!! My ARRSE said Frau ACC. :pissedoff: It took one week to fix up an 4 hours on a Sat afternoon. The engineer that came round was great and couldn't do enough to help us, shame their sales people couldn't do the same.
Hope this helps a little
Thanks for the help guys,

As luck would have it the DT Engr turned up today & fixed it no problem..

Schone wochenende!


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