Deutsche Post Rudolf Hess Commemorative Stamp


German Postal Service Admits Inadvertently Printing Hess Stamp

Germany's national postal service has been misused by Neo-Nazis to make stamps of one of the most senior Nazis in the Third Reich. Twenty stamps bearing a portrait of Rudolf Hess were sent out by Deutsche Post.

Neo-Nazis in Germany used a personalized stamp service to create a stamp carrying the picture of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler's deputy. A spokesman for Deutsche Post confirmed the company's embarrassing slip-up on Wednesday.

Dirk Klasen told the German daily Die Tageszeitung that an order for 20 stamps featuring the war criminal had been sent out by the company. Since February, Deutsche Post has been offering a service which enables people to design their own stamps by uploading pictures over the Internet.

The slip-up was celebrated in the latest edition Deutsche Stimme (German Voice), the monthly magazine of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), the Associated Press reported on Wednesday. "The Hess stamp is out there," Hannes Natter wrote in the magazine.

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A collector's item, no doubt...will certainly please those who guarded him in Spandau, haunted watch tower and all...
KevinB said:
Agent-Oranje said:
KevinB said:
A Himmler , Heydrich, Goering, or Goebbles stamp would have been worse.
A Hitler stamp, that would be worse.
Very true, mate, but I doubt if even the neo-Nazis would be that stupid.
It's been done already, matey. :wink: The Deutches Post Office has probably been itching to get these colourful numbers out of the vaults again once the Wall came down. :wink: :lol:


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