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I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum, if not i apologize.

I'm based in Bielefeld and have my internet and phone line through DT. In the 12 months since I started the contract, on 3 occasions they have added extra packages to my bill without my permission. Each time I have phoned them up and had it removed but they tell me they have no way of finding out who is adding the extra products.
I asked about extra security options e.g Passwords, contacting me on my personal mobile first etc they informed me they have no such options in place and therefore could not promise me that it wouldn't happen again. I felt left with no option but to cancel my contract and upon doing so was told that It would only be cancelled in may 2013 as I have to give 12 months notice, during this period though anyone can phone up and say they no longer want the contract cancelling and then they can again add more products to my bill without my knowledge if they so wanted.

There have been many people on my pad estate who are experiencing or have experienced this and have had no luck in resolving it.

Does anyone have any advice or know where I stand in regards to getting this cancelled on the spot.. to say I'm cheesed off with it all would be an understatement.

Thanks in advance for any useful information!


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