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What the hell is going on with Deutches Telekom. I live on Falingbostel Camp and ordered Telephone and Internet, had to go to D Telekom Soltau 02 Feb. After waiting patiently and 8 letters later (from Telekom) I had a date for connection today 20 March 8 - 13:00. However today came and went and no Technician. I contacted D Telekom only to be told that the Technician put our address in his Sat Nav and as its on camp it was not recognised so he gave up. What are my options and who can I complain to? I lived in Kenya before and got Internet in two weeks.
I had the same problem in Germany. I found the best thing was to put everything in writing and remind them that
you are the client. Ask for names if you have to speak to someone. The best result I had was in C&A buying vests
for kids, well the missus was trying to get help while I kept my eyes on the kids. She kept getting ignored by the sales assistant who
just served Germans. This went on till I butted in with a "Ich bin der Kunde. Sie verdienen ihr Geld von mir!"
(I'm the client. You earn your pay from me.) I've never seen someone get moving so quickly. I asked for her name
as well which had her terrified. Or ask for the supervisor etc.
The are several problems at the moment that will only get worse as we draw down. Companies are losing money hand over fist as people bail back to the UK without paying the remainder of their contracts, therefor the companies are becoming more reluctant to give credit.

Doesn't specifically answer your question but may explain their delaying tactics :)
I'm going to the D Telekom shop where we placed the order tommorow, I've already mentioned if its not sorted tomorrow ill be speaking to the Verbrauker Central, I've been told its the German equivalent of Citizens advice in UK apparently.


They didn't by any chance scribble "Auslaender Raus, Deutschland fur Deutschen" on your contract, did they?

Verbraucherzentrale and the "voice of the consumer", is "the" German Federal consumer organisation, almost the same as CAB UK. "Representing the interests of consumers to business, government, and civil society". vzbv Google translates it for you. They're erm, Germans, probably.

Edited to add, if you know a T-Punkt/ DT shop locally, why not take a German mate and try to sort it face to face. Just a thought.
was gonna say the same plenty more companies you can get you phone/internet with then DT

There's a legion in belsen.....most of the blokes that run it are ex-serving and lived there for decades.......just a thought, they might be able to help with the translating
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