Deuce Four in Combat

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Chief_Joseph, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Chief, I hope the guys you know were ok.

    As to the video, it's harmless...

    Edited as early morning mong spelling was very evident; doh...
  2. I know, I just wanted to post a warning just in case. They're fine btw :) I know the cameraman and a sniper, and I have the woman's e-mail address.
  3. E mail addy eh?

    Well, whatya waitin for?????
  4. Nothing really. Been busy. I'm gonna send her an e-mail this summer to invite her to the veteran's website I'm working on.
  5. I've had a hell of a time getting people in Deuce-Four to send me emails with pictures of my tanks from when we worked with them. We know the pictures are out there. Do you know any of them, Chief?

  6. Is there any where else you can watch it or can you download it? I'm having a bit of trouble with the vid.

    T C
  7. A little bit. I think I can probably help you out. Two of them are already signed on for the International Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, and those two were photo nuts. Pm me your e-mail address and I'll forward it to them :)
  8. Not yet. I'll get a copy from one of them and upload it somewhere else