Detmold Pictures - As Promised!

Monsieur le Pilote - cette voiture dans un de ses photos - le Jag. Je pense que j'ai vu a JHQ recemment!

..and now I'm going to watch for powder blue berets in the compound....

OK. I have clocked said motor parked up in the compound RECENTLY! (But I couldn't work out how to do accents with this flippin' keyboard!)
OK. But there's something VERY similar at JHQ and I'll take a look when I'm around next - last 3 of your VRN are, shall we say, memorable in military acronym-speak!
I'll let you know!

PS If you are ever up over STC PM me coz' I would appreciate a cabby.


Nice work, PP, but you were right - I couldn't bear to look too hard at what had become of my home for 13 years. Best leave the memories of yesteryear intact. :cry:
Pongo-Pilot said:
Ah . . . now it's started, huh?!

Ok . . . but don't expect them like tomorrow or something - I'm off work for some time (getting married next week) so it will be at least November - ok?
Nice of you offer, could you pop up to Ellis Barracks too theres a lovely chap
Thanks for the piccy's PP. The road between the hack guardroom and RMP building seems to have been redeveloped. Is that a big orange ball in the middle of the roundabout? What does that represent? What strikes me about the camp is all the over-grown weeds and grass everywhere.
The school, Sir John Mogg, is still active and run by SCE. The quarters down by the Tavern/Med Centre/Fams NAAFI are still occcupied by pers from Paderborn and Hameln.

The old Cookhouse is now a school for the Russians/Albanians/Ost-Germans that live in the ex-quarters on the Hack. The Germans wanted to level the whole camp but the the funny little towers on the barrack-block are a unique architectural feature, consequently the whole camp is the German equivallent of Grade II listed.
As a former inmate of 4 Armd Wksp these pics are of interest. Are 660 and 663 of the on camp NAAFI as was? Remember having to break in there many times cos duty bod had locked it and needed some scran from machines on return from town.
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