Detmold Pictures - As Promised!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Pongo-Pilot, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Any chance of some Ariel's of what used to be Depot 90 Sennelarger at the back of STC?
  2. Monsieur le Pilote - cette voiture dans un de ses photos - le Jag. Je pense que j'ai vu a JHQ recemment!

    ..and now I'm going to watch for powder blue berets in the compound....

  3. OK. I have clocked said motor parked up in the compound RECENTLY! (But I couldn't work out how to do accents with this flippin' keyboard!)
  4. OK. But there's something VERY similar at JHQ and I'll take a look when I'm around next - last 3 of your VRN are, shall we say, memorable in military acronym-speak!
  5. I'll let you know!

    PS If you are ever up over STC PM me coz' I would appreciate a cabby.
  6. Nice work, PP, but you were right - I couldn't bear to look too hard at what had become of my home for 13 years. Best leave the memories of yesteryear intact. :cry:
  7. Thanks, many memories.
  8. Nice of you offer, could you pop up to Ellis Barracks too theres a lovely chap
  9. Thanks for the piccy's PP. The road between the hack guardroom and RMP building seems to have been redeveloped. Is that a big orange ball in the middle of the roundabout? What does that represent? What strikes me about the camp is all the over-grown weeds and grass everywhere.